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You Deserve to Take a Break Today!

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Working eight hours or more day after day can be mentally and physically challenging. Whether you work outside doing manual labor, have to stand on your feet all day, or are anchored to a desk, it’s vital that you take breaks for the sake of your health. And, when you supervise people that do these jobs, it’s just as important to encourage them to take some time-outs.

Study Shows Correlation Between Employee Engagement and Breaks

Working your staff to the bone might have been a winning strategy in the dark ages or even a hundred years ago. But it doesn’t seem to produce the same positive results in the modern world. 

Most employees want to give their best performance at work. But, the “work hard” mentality is only effective for so long. In fact, a new study reveals that there is a correlation between overall job satisfaction and regular breaks. 

In the survey, 38% of respondents don’t feel encouraged to take regular lunch breaks at work. But 81% of employees who do take daily breaks feel a strong desire to be an active part of their company. 

Why Taking Breaks at Work is Important

Here is how taking breaks throughout your workday can improve your health, wellbeing, and business results. 

Reduced Injuries

Workplace injuries can be serious for the worker and costly for the business. Workers who overdo it can suffer from muscle strains, repetitive motion injuries, and poor posture. If injured, a worker may have to get treatment and spend time away from the job. Taking breaks and walking around to stretch muscles is a good preventative measure. 

Less Eye Strain

Most work requires visual concentration. If you stay in the same position for too long, whether it be in front of a screen or some other work area, you are more likely to get some type of eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain and injury include headaches, sore eyes, light sensitivity, and blurred vision. You can prevent these issues with more frequent breaks. 

More Healthy Habits

Designating more time for breaks helps instill healthy habits. Workers can meditate, exercise, have a healthy snack, and even take a short nap during these breaks. Making this a regular routine can help create a healthier work environment and a more positive workplace culture. 

Increased Productivity

When your workers are healthier and happier, your workplace productivity will naturally increase. Better health and wellbeing simply lend themselves to increased energy and a more positive outlook. Workers are less likely to feel fatigued and stressed and more likely to be fully engaged in their workplace activities. 

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