Workplace Design Trends – How the Office is Changing

Workplace Design Trends

The days of cubicles and conference rooms are coming to an end. Combined advancements in technology and psychology have led to  new trends in workplace design that focus on creating a productive, inspiring environment for workers and utilizing all the benefits of modern technology. Below, we have listed some of the most popular ways in which businesses are redesigning their space to become more effective.

Open Work Space

An office is a team; its members must be able to collaborate in order to succeed. To enhance communication, many offices are doing away with traditional cubicles and private offices in favor of large open areas where many desks are arranged.  The secret to making an open space work is to provide small, comfortably furnished areas off of the main space. These areas can be used as a more relaxing environment for workers on a break to recharge, as meeting areas for a few team members collaborating on a project, or as welcoming spaces to great clients.  The open work space design relies on the use of wireless capability and cloud technology so that workers can perform at any location throughout the office using laptops and tablets and no longer need to be stationary to be productive.

Smaller Desks and Office Spaces

Desktop computers are becoming thinner. Files are being stored in online databases rather than in desk side cabinets. More and more business transactions are handled virtually. This means that the physical space necessary to complete work is much smaller than was previously needed. Using smaller desks and offices can decreases the size of a building a business requires and can also allow for a more aesthetically pleasing, less cluttered work space.

Designated Video Conference Areas

Video conferencing is beneficial for conducting business remotely and saving on travel time and costs but it often doesn’t foster personal connections as the nuances of body language and facial expression tend to be lost in transmission.  To address this, many businesses are installing designated enclaves with enhanced lighting and acoustics to ensure clear communication. This little touch can be very impressive to clients, as it shows an attention to detail and embrace of technology.

Biophilic Design

Perhaps the most revolutionary workplace design trend is the use of biophilic designs. Biophilia is the innate human response to nature, which recent studies have found to be an upsurge in productivity and creativity and a decrease in stress. As a result, some offices have elected to incorporate elements of nature within their office space by adding skylights if possible, building indoor courtyards and Koi ponds, and installing larger windows to bring in more natural light.

The way business is conducted is rapidly changing and an office space must adapt in order to remain productive. Although these trends are an excellent starting point when considering redesigning a workspace, it is important for a business to assess their own needs in terms of privacy, free space, and designated meeting areas. At Carolina Services Inc., we can help you design and construct an office space that encourages the growth and success of your business. Contact us today!

Photo courtesy of: Wolfgang Lonien