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What Your Employees Dislike About Their Office Space  

Office worker unhappy uncomfortable at work employees dislike workspace

When employees and staff are comfortable and happy, they are more productive, according to industry experts. So, what is it that employees hate about their office space? More importantly, what can you do to improve their satisfaction and increase productivity?  


Sitting at a desk or workstation takes a toll on the body. When desks and chairs are not positioned properly and ergonomically, employees are likely to feel sore, stiff, and fatigued. Give back to those that give to your business by implementing ergonomic-friendly furniture and providing plenty of opportunities for staff to get up and move around.  

Adjustable standing desks are one option- as well as flexible configurations that offer employees the chance to stretch and engage with others working there. This not only improves how your staff feels- less pain and discomfort after prolonged periods- but also helps build a collaborative and communicative team.  


There is a disconnect between how employers and employees feel about the noise levels at work. Most supervisors and managers can minimize and block out distracting noise, while it could hinder employees’ work performance and productivity. The din of a busy work setting- chatter, phones, traffic, music- can keep staff unfocused and unable to hear during important calls and conversations.  

So, what can you do? Make sure that your staff is outfitted with noise cancelling headphones to help drown out noise that may impede performance. Consider also reconfiguring office spaces to include private, quiet areas that can be used by team members, as needed. 


Another gripe of employees is outdated technological systems at work. This extends to internet connectivity, messaging systems, and cloud tools. Audit and assess your current technology to make sure you have the most efficient and effective processes in place- and if not, it could be time for a tech upgrade.   


Not all office or workspaces are set up for the employees’ success and efficiency, and in fact, many counter productivity with lack of access or unnecessary clutter. Move furnishings that are in the way or unused and create a wide berth through the space. Strive for convenience and access at work and include your team and staff in the process. After all, your employees are the ones that will be utilizing these spaces day in and day out- make sure that it is convenient, comfortable, and accommodating for all that they do during the workday.   


Many employees report that morale is down at their office. Let the sun shine in and create an outdoor space for staff that offers a restorative and relaxing break from the office or workspace. The natural light invigorates, and the vitamin D creates a healthier environment for employees. Some staff may seem recharged and less fatigued when getting a dose of natural light, plus it provides a spectacular spot for employee breaks and team meetings, too.  

Assess your office or workspace to find ways to improve employee satisfaction, while also facilitating increased productivity. Talk to the professionals at Carolina Services Inc, Charleston’s premier commercial space planning, improvement, and construction company, to find out more!