What You Should Know About the Church Restoration Process

Church Restoration

It’s where you go to get away from it all. Your church is a safe haven and a place that most often feels like home. As important as the church is to your overall well being, the importance of repairs and upkeep to it goes without saying.

It could be your church has been damaged by flooding, or maybe the building is simply old and in need of some tender loving care. This may be able to be accomplished by a team of volunteers, but during certain times, you should call a professional in. There are several things to know about the church restoration process.

Of course, prevention is key. If you can keep up with regular maintenance of the church, you could likely avoid this entire process. Make sure to check the roofing and drains regularly for leaks. Keep an eye out for damage to the walls as well. Placing someone in charge of the maintenance will help ensure the church’s upkeep. If they can’t make the repairs, then they will know when it is time to call someone that can.

If the maintenance has not been done, then you’ll have to move forward with the church restoration process. It’s much different than the restoration of a home or business office. There is much more to be considered. At Carolina Services, we believe there is a need and requirement to follow a detailed and sequential process to make the church’s expansion or restoration as frugal as possible. This is a narrow path between a business-based process and the greater importance of God’s will for our lives both as a church and as individuals. That all starts with strategic planning.

Begin with the end result in mind. We use a step-by-step approach that breaks down each process into phases. We suggest starting by defining the church leadership’s vision and goals. What does the end result look like to your leaders?

Next you need to gather data that will help determine the current and future profiles of the church. As with anything, there are limits. We will help you better understand how to maximize your current facility’s capacity and usage, then decide how to expand or improve upon it. The core basis of a church’s expansion is determined by fully understanding these steps. Analyzing internal and external numbers and intentionally aligning people, money and facilities with your vision will make sure the job is done and done the right way the first time.

After analyzing and aligning the data we have gathered, it’s time to prioritize. Some of the improvements may need to be put on hold until next year. Decide what should take priority and then we will help you plan for vision advancement.

We hope you have a better understanding of the church restoration process. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Carolina Services Inc. We have been around since 1976, and we strive to deliver turnkey solutions to our customers on time and within budget. Get a free estimate today!

Photo courtesy of: Brian Cliff