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What to Expect at the End of Construction

End of construction handshake job finished

So, what happens when a big renovation, repair, or construction project is finally finished? Is there a process or protocol that signals the end of construction? When construction work is completed, there are a few steps that clients and consumers should be aware of before they begin to enjoy the fruits of their labor and construction investment.  

Some things to expect at the end of construction are: 

End of Construction Paperwork 

A sign that the job is coming to an end is when the contractor and architect provide you with post-construction paperwork indicating the work is complete. Typically, this is contingent on an inspection- but more on that later!  

When documents are issued, signed, and provided, final payment is due if it has not been paid previously. This wraps up the construction project, in most cases.  

Blueprints and Manuals 

When the construction has come to an end, your builder or contractor should provide you with their drawing or blueprint of the project, and depending on the type of project, an operations manual to fully comprehend what has been done and how to operate it moving forward.   

Words of Wisdom 

There should be an opportunity post-construction for the client and contractor to meet and discuss the project at length. That is, each aspect should be addressed and explained- as well as demonstrated so the client understands how it all works. 

Modifications and Adjustments 

After the construction is completed, there is a time for the builder to make any necessary modifications or adjustments to the site. This is a chance to fine-tune and spruce-up any elements of the project before the site is tested, reviewed, and done.  

System Testing 

When construction has ended, testing of any systems involved or impacted should occur. If there are glitches or problems, this is the time to work these out. This testing phase typically occurs during off-seasons so that it is guaranteed to work smoothly when it is most needed.  

Project Review 

After the property or building has been occupied for around a year after the construction, there should be some communication initiated by the contractor for feedback on the project or construction. This should involve asking the client about their level of satisfaction a year out from completion. This ensures that all are happy with the outcome, and can also be an opportunity to air concerns, issues, or complaints.  

The reason for all these steps is to protect all involved- particularly the property owner who is paying good money for these construction projects. When you are thinking about modifications and construction for your commercial property in the Carolinas, talk to Carolina Services, Inc., in Charleston SC. Carolina Services, Inc. is Charleston’s premier commercial space planning and improvement and construction company. Call or visit to learn more today.