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What is Value Engineering in Commercial Construction?

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Commercial construction projects take on all shapes. Whether you are building or renovating an office, warehouse, or retail space, you want to make sure that your needs are met and your resources are maximized. When it comes to value engineering in construction, the goal is more about the best use of resources as opposed to finding shortcuts or the cheapest materials. 

What is Value Engineering?

Value engineering in construction is a method the project team uses to improve your project’s overall value. They accomplish this by weighing the cost of each function against the benefits and taking a look at various alternative materials, designs, or methods that might improve your project’s value. 

How You Can Define “Value” for Your Project

Value engineering does not necessarily equate to cost-cutting, but you can save money. Some of the ways you can define value for a project include:

  • Quality – Having higher quality materials can improve your satisfaction with the project and improve things like the customer experience. 
  • Maintenance/Life Cycle – Similar to quality, you can get more value out of a project by using materials that will last longer and require less maintenance. 
  • Lower Cost – Of course, value can also mean lower costs. Some of those high-value options can reduce your overall costs. For example, eco-friendly elements can save money on utilities, and a high-quality roof won’t leak or need to be replaced as soon as a budget one. 

When Value Engineering Happens in Construction

There are several stages of the commercial construction process in which you and your team can employ value engineering. 

  • Project Planning – This is the best time to value engineer. Your team can make the most changes upfront and achieve the greatest “value” for your project. 
  • Design Phase – Many traditional projects also implement a lot of value engineering during the design phase. The architect and contractor can work together to achieve the vision created during the planning phase. 
  • Construction Phase – When an opportunity arises to create value during the construction phase, it sometimes makes sense to seize on it. While it might be costly to alter some plans and shift materials orders, every improvement should be viewed with a critical eye and long-term goals in mind. 

Of course, the earlier you consider potential changes, the easier and less costly it will be to implement them. 

Value Engineering for Your Commercial Construction Project

At Carolina Services Inc. (CSI), we are proud to be the top construction company in Charleston, SC. When you work with us, you form a partnership with a firm that is committed to using your resources wisely. Our team continually looks for ways to add value to your project and keep you involved through every stage. Contact us today to learn more about our services.