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What is Space Planning and Design?

By September 30, 2013June 8th, 2022Construction, Design, Space Planning
space planning and design

If you’re in business, you understand the importance of efficiency.  As the old adage goes, “Time is Money”.  You need your business to function in an effective manner.  Perhaps you go to great lengths to make sure employees are working efficiently and not wasting time.  Customer service is always a priority, so you concentrate on serving customers in a timely and friendly way.  What you may or may not realize is that the layout and design of your business or office space could provide for better efficiency and functionality.  If you’re building a new business, relocating, or just redesigning, professional space planning can make your environment more functional, efficient, and attractive.

A space planning and design professional can layout interior spatial areas, office locations, circulation patterns, and furniture and equipment placement.  The designer will consider a multitude of parameters for space planning and design, including:

  • client goals
  • organizational structure
  • workflow
  • building codes
  • building limitations
  • security

The needs of the client are first and foremost.

Changes in office culture may result in a redesign of the office space.  Previously, corporate hierarchy determined office design. Today, however, the office environment leans more toward a team atmosphere. This often results in a more open design and use of space.  The type of business and workflow are vital considerations.  The goal is the efficient use of space and a layout that allows for a natural workflow.

Space planning designers are able to visualize the space being utilized and are acutely aware of scale and proportion.  Additionally, they will have extensive knowledge of furnishings and equipment, and the space they consume in order to propose the best solution for your office atmosphere.

The space planning and design process should begin early in the overall design process. 

It could affect architectural design elements within new or redesigned spaces.

The space planning and design process will most likely begin with a space survey, which may include interviews with clients and employees to determine workflow and use of space for different departments, an inventory of equipment and furniture needs, as well as other information influencing space utilization.  All gathered information is compiled and analyzed. Designers will determine the types of functions that must take place in the space and the accepted space allocation standards for each.

Then, the designer will estimate the approximate square footage needed for each workflow function. Then, the design will create diagrams and plans to illustrate the relationships of space between each department or workstation, as well as circulation patterns.  All of these elements will lend to the overall aesthetic and efficiency of the space.

Space planning and design services often function independently.  However, they may be included in conjunction with architectural services.  Space planning designers often do much of the same design training as architects and train on the same types of drafting equipment and computer programs.  Depending on building codes and construction requirements, an architectural stamp may or may not be needed for space planning and design.

Turn to Carolina Services for Your Space Planning Needs

Carolina Services Inc. specializes in space planning and design.  We will work to improve the efficiency and functionality of your business, keep you within budget, and give you an atmosphere that will be pleasing to employees and customers.  Contact us today to discuss the space planning and design needs for your business.