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Ways to Make Your Office Space Reflect Your Company Culture  

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Demonstrate your company’s culture and brand philosophy through your work and office spaces. This may sound tricky, but there are pragmatic and easy ways to send a clear message to prospective customers, clients, and staff regarding the core values of your company. What is important to you? Ask yourself the following questions to make your office space reflect company culture at your place of business: 

What are your company values?  

Determining your company culture is contingent on your core values. Do you want a workspace that is focused on fun and activity? Or do you prefer a calm and serene setting? What are your customers and clients seeking when they walk in your door? It can help to first revisit your mission and identify what you stand for. It is these principles that can guide your office reconfiguration and lead to a more productive and pleasant work environment for all.  

What do you have for space?  

Naturally, some spaces are not going to be as easy to reconfigure simply based on their size. Learn to adapt and think outside the box. With challenging spaces, it makes the most sense to hire a professional to design and create an efficient workspace for you.  

However, if you are planning to do it on your own, first measure accurately your offices. Each square foot is important here. Take a day to create a blank slate so you can truly envision what the space could possibly become. This will involve some sweat equity, but the results and increased workflow are worth the investment.  

What are you willing to compromise on? 

It starts with a list of what you must have or want in your office redux, as well as some areas that you may be willing to compromise on. Is it common for staff to work in groups? Do you have dedicated space for employees on breaks or during downtime? What about quiet places for private or phone conversations? Consider your must-haves and hear what others feel would make the workday more efficient, pleasant, and productive.  

What are your design preferences?  

Embrace what you love and bring in colors, furnishings, and features that make you and your employees happy. Color psychology can help tease out the best shades to paint office spaces to promote productivity, calm, and contentment. Bright hues convey that you have an active and lively work environment, while pastel colors and neutrals may evoke a sense of relaxation.  

Consider communal seating for conferences, customer engagement, and conversation, as well as ergonomic pieces that put a priority on your team’s wellbeing. Also, office spaces with light and living things- like plants or fish tanks- are touted as being a more tranquil, peaceful, and satisfying place to work.  

How do you facilitate social interaction? 

Plan spaces based on how much the team- as well as your patrons- interact with one another. That is, creating communal areas is a great investment of space to help facilitate social engagement and promote interactions among staff. Socialization can foster solidarity, which contributes to productivity among staff working toward common goals and objectives. Furthermore, this may help conserve square footage over more isolated cubicles and offices. However, much of the efficacy depends on the type of business or company, as well as what they provide to their clientele.   

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