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The Benefits of an Ergonomic Office

By Design, Office Design, Space Planning

===As a business owner, you probably have a long list of goals. Chief among them will be things like maximizing productivity, cutting costs, improving product quality, and treating your staff well.  What if you could achieve all of these goals by making an ergonomic office one of your top priorities? When you look at the many benefits of integrating ergonomics in your workspace, you’ll discover why these initiatives have so much value.  Here is what you need to know about…

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Why Is Office Space Layout Important to Employee's Health and Well-Being?

Why Is Office Space Layout Important to Employee’s Health and Well-Being?

By Charleston SC, Commercial Space, Design, Office Design

The space in which employees work and spend their time can have a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing. It can even go so far as to affect their outlook on life and their productivity! An employer seeking to maximize productivity and retain employees can’t overlook office space layout. Consider the following about the relationships between space and layout and productivity, health, and happiness. Poor Conditions Lead to Unhappier, Less Productive Employees Time and time again, data shows that cramped…

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