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What is Civil Engineering?

What is Civil Engineering?

By Civil Engineering, Construction, Design, Land Survey

The field of civil engineering is crucial to modern life. The buildings in which we reside, the roads and sidewalks we travel on, and the sewage and water networks on which we rely were all carefully designed by a civil engineer. The field is so broad, in fact, that many laymen find it confusing and ill-defined, and don’t consider hiring an engineer when constructing a new home or commercial building. That is why we at Carolina Services Inc. have composed…

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Importance of Space Planning and Design

The Importance of Space Planning and Design

By Commercial Space, Design, Space Planning

Many business owners assume space planning and design is little more than interior decorating and doesn’t require a professional’s assitance. In doing so, they may be preventing their business from operating efficiently and maybe losing potential customers because of an unimpressive appearance. Space planning and design is crucial to a company’s productivity, and after viewing these reasons from Carolina Services Inc., we’re sure you’ll agree. A Space’s Design is Often a Client’s First Impression Whether your commercial property is an…

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space planning and design

What is Space Planning and Design?

By Construction, Design, Space Planning

If you’re in business, you understand the importance of efficiency.  As the old adage goes, “Time is Money”.  You need your business to function in an effective manner.  Perhaps you go to great lengths to make sure employees are working efficiently and not wasting time.  Customer service is always a priority, so you concentrate on serving customers in a timely and friendly way.  What you may or may not realize is that the layout and design of your business or…

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