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new construction

New Construction, Remodeling, or Renovation: Which Is Right For You?

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The average person often uses the terms “new construction”, “renovating”, and “remodeling” interchangeably. But did you know that they have very different meanings when you’re talking to professional contractors? What’s the difference between each type of project, and which category does your next project fall under? Let Carolina Services, Inc. answer your questions: New Construction With a new construction project, you’re typically starting from nothing to create a new, original space perfectly tailored to your needs. It may seem like…

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hiring a commercial construction company

3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Construction Company

By commercial construction

Whether you are an existing company doing a remodel of your space or a new tenant doing a build-out, you have a lot of things to consider when hiring a commercial construction company. Commercial construction has a few similarities to residential construction, but there are also many differences and potential complications for your business. If you’re planning on outsourcing your commercial construction needs, there are 3 questions you should ask to make sure you are choosing the right company.  1….

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Yellow Safety Helmet On Workplace Desk With Construction Worker

What is Value Engineering in Commercial Construction?

By Charleston Office Market, commercial construction, commercial development, Construction

Commercial construction projects take on all shapes. Whether you are building or renovating an office, warehouse, or retail space, you want to make sure that your needs are met and your resources are maximized. When it comes to value engineering in construction, the goal is more about the best use of resources as opposed to finding shortcuts or the cheapest materials.  What is Value Engineering? Value engineering in construction is a method the project team uses to improve your project’s…

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Supply Shortages? You Can Still Completing Office Renovations

By Construction, Space Planning

Now that much of the country is getting back to in-person work after the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of companies are looking to make changes to their office spaces. Some companies have chosen to update their spaces, and others have decided that a full renovation is in order.  But there are new challenges in place for the commercial construction and renovation sector that could impact these plans. So far this year, we’ve seen volatile pricing for materials, an uncertain…

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What is Co-Work Space and Why Do People Like It?

By Charleston Office Market

Not all commercial real estate projects are targeted towards rentals, retail, or traditional office space. Another alternative that has risen to the surface is a less traditional office space layout designed for co-working space.  Many workers and companies alike now shun the idea of a traditional office environment. But, sitting at home may not be the ideal solution either. If you are considering co-working space for your next project, here is what you need to know about them and some…

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Energy Efficiency in Commercial Construction

By commercial development

Most businesses today want to save money in any way possible, as well as be socially responsible. They achieve both goals by choosing a building that is energy efficient. While some efficiencies can be achieved with modifications, the most effective ones will come from the design and construction phases.  Interestingly, some areas of the country are more successful at this approach than others. So, how can you get the most energy-efficient performance out of your next commercial construction project? Commercial…

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Improve Your Bottom Line with Safe Budget Cuts

By commercial development

Businesses operating in the for-profit sector rely on profits for growth and survival. Profitability, or optimizing the bottom line, is essential to expanding operations, securing financing, attracting investors, retaining a quality workforce, buying inventory and remaining competitive. Indeed, for all organizations large and small, controlling expenses and making budget cuts is both prudent and necessary. As Sam Walton said, “Control your expenses better than your competition. This is where you can always find the competitive advantage.” Ideas to Improve Your…

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How Good is the Job Market in Charleston, SC?

By Charleston SC

Who doesn’t like a good deal? No one, right? A good deal means a good value, a favorable opportunity, a positive situation, a pleasing outcome. You’ve got all of those in Charleston, SC. A wonderfully livable city and plenty of good jobs in Charleston make this a very desirable area in 2020. Charleston is a Good Deal For the past five years, SmartAsset, a financial technology company, has published a study about “undervalued cities,” meaning that real estate property values…

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Great and Easy Office Upates

By Office Design

Are you thinking about a remodel office project? While a bigger space may be necessary for a growing company, sometimes making the existing space better, more efficient, and more appealing is a great way to go, with an attractive payback. The Benefits of a Renovation Consider these renovation benefits for your remodel office endeavor: Enhance employee satisfaction and happiness. Improve the company’s image and leverage branding efforts. Create a stronger company culture. Achieve added work productivity and efficiency. Attract added…

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The Challenge of Designing Office Space for Five Generations of Workers

The Challenge of Designing Office Space for Five Generations of Workers

By Office Design, Uncategorized

“Space: the final frontier.” You may remember these words used at the end of the Star Trek film series. While that expression served well to summarize the great adventures of the starship Enterprise and its intrepid crew, it may also have some application to business today. Today, designing office space offers new challenges for business leaders. While it is not the “final frontier,” office space faces a new frontier due to changing worker demographics. Today, workers are living longer and…

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