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Space Planning – Signs Your Office Needs a Redesign

By January 29, 2016May 4th, 2022Commercial Space, Space Planning
space planning

The aesthetics of your office is likely not your top priority, and certainly, it should not carry the same weight as your business strategy or client needs. But considering the look and feel of your office space is important as the design of your office speaks volumes about your company’s brand. Proper space planning not only helps create an office that reflects your brand well, but it can also help to increase office productivity and morale. If you’re unsure whether your office is in need of a redesign, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Does my current space planning reflect the image I am trying to convey to my clients?

To determine the answer this question, you need to look at more than just the way your office is decorated. You also need to consider office size, cubicle space, and storage areas. Are the offices the right size for the employees who are in them? Are there places that are overcrowded or underused? What about your color scheme? Does it reflect a company that is outdated or one that is keeping up with the latest ways of doing business?

  1. Does my current office set-up help to increase or inhibit workplace productivity?

The way an office is set up can hinder or help its productivity. If there are two departments who constantly work in tandem that are placed in areas that make it difficult to get to one another, time is being wasted. Sometimes, employees benefit greatly from open workspaces so that collaboration is easier and more organic. Other times, companies have a need for employees to be as focused as possible with limited distractions. Look around your office and see whether yours is set up to meet your company’s goals.

Increased productivity and more accurate branding are only two benefits of successful space planning. If you are unsure about your current space or are looking to design a new space, talk to the experts at Carolina Services, Inc., and let us help set you on the right track.

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