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Should You Have a Gym in Your Office?  

Employees working out gym in your office

So, should you have a gym in your office? Answers typically rely on weighing out the benefits of an on-site gym to the costs of implementation. While the perks of a gym are compelling, is it right for your distinct business or company? Only you can be the judge of that, but here are a few advantages to consider: 

Health and Wellbeing 

Who doesn’t want to be healthier? By providing your team with a gym, you are demonstrating that their health and wellbeing is a priority. There are numerous perks of incentivizing wellness at work- but more on that later. A gym also is a positive way to cope with stress which may organically create a happier and calmer workplace.  

Absenteeism Rate 

Interestingly enough, adding a gym to your workplace may result in lower absenteeism. Whether the underlying reason is the effects of the gym on employee health or if it simply provides an incentive to go to work, it may reduce sick leave, turnover, and increase company productivity simultaneously. This makes a gym a prudent business investment for many companies. 

Staff Morale 

Engaging your staff in healthy engagements- like a gym- can lead to improved overall morale and a boost in productivity. It’s true; regular exercise is attributed to better sleep, more energy, and enhanced mood. The consequences include better customer service quality and increased productivity at work, too.  

Human Resources 

A workplace with an on-site gym can be an alluring trait for prospective hires and new talent. As noted, this will save your employees money on conventional gym memberships and provides a more convenient way to work out. A gym in your office may lead to better recruitment and retention rates, as well. This further shows a focus on employee wellbeing and can lead to increased job satisfaction, overall.  

Insurance Incentives 

Talk to your benefits administrator to find out if there are any insurance incentives for your employees- and you- by adding a gym in your office. Some healthy living initiatives may exist in your region or for your industry.  

Sense of Community 

Don’t underestimate the value of creating a sense of community at work. A gym can contribute to that kind of camaraderie. Furthermore, when staff members use the gym with peers, it can foster a sense of solidarity and social engagement.  

Potential Drawbacks 

To make an informed decision regarding a gym at work, you must also consider the potential drawbacks. Not everyone is going to care about a gym and among those that do, some may not want to work out with their coworkers. Keep in mind that in addition to the costs of constructing and configuring a gym, you may also face some costs related to liability, and this is something you should discuss with a professional.

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