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Should I Change My Office Floor Plan?

office floor plan

office floor planDo you remember back to when you were a child?  Rearranging your bedroom was one of the most exciting ways for you to feel like everything was new again.  Do you remember the first time your family moved and you got a whole new bedroom?  Having something new, even if it is filled with old familiar things can often bring those old usual tools and pieces of furniture back to life again.  If you’ve ever been part of a fast growing company and had the privilege of moving into new office space the experience can really be quite similar.  There is always excitement around everyone having new office space, hopefully a better view and useful tools to help them accomplish their tasks more easily.

If you’ve ever been part of a large office move you’ve probably also noticed they can be quite stressful.  The reality is everyone still needs to get the same amount of work done, but now you have to do that work around packing, boxing everything up and unpacking again.  During the week of the move, there are usually some long hours put in and frustrating conversations over who will go where, who gets what and why the internet is so slow at the new place.

Changing your office floor plans is a great way to avoid some of these frustrations while still gaining the feeling of new space and the excitement of a better work environment.  You may be surprised how much space you can create simply changing your office floor plan.  On the other hand, it may not be more space that you’re after, but simply a better way to do business.  A new floor plan can help encourage collaboration, communication, and creativity.  Unless you’ve already maximized your office efficiency and are wisely using every square foot of your space, chances are you could benefit from a new office floor plan.

Changing your office floor plan can be as simple as putting people that work together closer together.  It can include removing offices to create more work space for the technicians in your office.  It can also include repurposing a barely used meeting room into a workspace, or a drab lunch room into a creative space that encourages new ideas and relaxed thought.  Any of these ideas can help energize and empower your employees without the hassle of packing and moving.  The reality is, the possibilities of what you can do with your current space are endless.  For more great ideas about how to turn your current space into one that will energize and empower your employees, check out this great article with 10 office remodeling ideas.

office floor planWhen you’re ready to change your office floor plan the first step is finding some help.  Your employees need to stay focused on their jobs and not waste their time and talent moving or rearranging furniture.  Carolina Services is here to help your Charleston area business change your office floor plan to maximize your efficacy and best use your space.  Our team of space planners can help you organize workflow and make the most out of what you have.  Carolina Services is also a full-service remodeling and commercial construction firm ready to help you with your new office interior.  We can help with jobs as small as painting or redecorating to big jobs like moving walls, hanging ceilings or full remodels.  Call us today to learn more about how we can help you change your office floor plan at 843-566-0656 or visit us online to learn more about commercial remodeling services.


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