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Sensible Strategies to Put Your Extra Office Space to Use  

Ideas on how to use extra office space

Have more room than your workspace needs? If you have extra office space or a spare office, consider ways to utilize and optimize this asset.  

Consider these sensible strategies to put extra office space to use at your workplace: 

An After-Hours Venue  

Is your office space in an area that would facilitate after-hour meetups or groups? Promoting the office as a venue for a variety of events can provide exposure to your business, while also bringing in prospective customers, new talent, and visibility to your business- plus, it could be a money-making venture, too. Shows, fairs, and performances are all options, depending on the size and specs of your space.  

Industry Get-Togethers 

What better place to get-together with colleagues and constituents than an extra office space? Consider meetups that may include live music, during non-business hours, and even happy hour gatherings. When alcohol is involved, there may be specific zoning or legal ramifications, so check with event planning professionals before launching into any venture that involves the sale or serving of liquor.  

Community Events 

Check community calendars for upcoming events in your area to get the lay of the land and to determine what types of events could draw in new faces and garner exposure. For instance, would your site accommodate a projector for a presentation or movie night?  

A Networking Hub 

Another great way to make the most of unused or extra office space is to provide a networking spot for area professionals, businesses, or new talent. Professional meet and greets are a great way to find new hires, while also engaging area professionals in networking. You already have all that you need: an office, wi-fi, and accessibility. Consider sharing details on social media pages- like LinkedIn- to attract participants.  

Group Meeting Site  

Got an empty conference space? Advertise the availability of a group meeting site. This could be for a book club to a professional organization’s monthly charter- the appeal is endless. From hobbies and leisure activities to community interest groups, inexpensive office space can be a great use of an extra office or workspace.  

For-Profit Rental Space 

Make some money from empty office space by advertising it as a rental space at a cost. Whether individuals are seeking space for a work retreat or a wedding reception, you could bring in resources that can be used to enhance your company and business’ bottom line.  

Staff Fitness Studio  

It has been documented that physical fitness has a direct impact on job satisfaction and performance. Why not reap the benefits with an on-site exercise studio for those that work for you? Bring in instructors or trainers once a month, weekly, or more frequently for an added perk. You don’t necessarily need special equipment or expensive workout gear to be successful; for example, a yoga studio space only requires mats and a serene setting. Plus, these types of offerings can provide social engagement and boost morale, at little to no cost for the employer.  

Want more ideas to make the most of your workspace? Talk to the professionals at Carolina Services, Inc, in Charleston, SC. CSI, is Charleston’s premier commercial space planning and improvement company with the skills to make your vision a reality. Don’t let extra office space go to waste; consider these suggestions and let the team at CSI inspire you today!