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Want a Healthier Workspace? Consider These Renovations

By April 17, 2021March 24th, 2022Commercial Space, Office Design, Prepping
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With a COVID-19 vaccine available and light at the end of the end tunnel finally visible, many businesses are considering their options for a healthy and safe return to work for their staff. But the threat of COVID-19, and even future pandemics, remains a concern, so companies must remain vigilant and think about the health and safety of both employees and customers in their workspace. 

Some safety measures go beyond furnishing hand sanitizer and moving desks further apart than normal. You may need to consult with a contractor and implement a few renovations. Here are several renovations that can help you create a healthier workspace.

1. Upgrade HVAC Systems

Since COVID-19 is an airborne virus, your office’s HVAC system should be a priority when it comes to an upgrade. Specifically, you want a system that will limit the widespread recirculation of air with the best filtration system possible. This is vital in a multi-unit building. 

2. Reconfigure Break Areas

Your office’s central kitchen and break areas where everyone gathers together for meals and gossip will need to be reconfigured to ensure your staff’s health and safety. Smaller areas will discourage large gatherings of staff, so it makes sense to have several small break areas instead of one large one. You can also spread out seating to encourage social distancing and install smaller sinks to use as handwashing stations. 

3. Make Entries and Shared Surfaces Touchless

Making as much of your office space as possible “touchless” is one way to reduce the transmission of the virus and other communicable diseases. For example, ID badges and key cards can trigger automatic doors so that people don’t have to touch door handles. 

4. Optimize the Reception Space

Create a space in your reception area that allows for things like temperature checks and hand sanitizing. There should also be a ready supply of face masks for people who don’t have their own. 

5. Change Delivery and Visitor Spaces

You can limit the contact that your staff has with people coming into the office by creating distinct spaces for deliveries and visitors. You can even create a room for contactless deliveries that uses technology. 

6. Add Dividers Between Workspaces

You’ll want to create more distance between your seated workers. Moving desks apart is one option. But you can take this a step further by adding dividers between desks that are a bit more substantial and provide protection and peace of mind for your workers. 

7. Put Wall-Mounted Cameras and Monitors in Conference Rooms

Some staff might continue work from home, at least part-time. You can continue to collaborate with these workers by installing video conferencing technology in your existing meeting space. 

Ready for a Healthier Workspace in Charleston, SC?

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