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Port Increases Generate Charleston, SC Economic Growth

Charleston, SC Economic Growth

After several years of repeated volume growth, Charleston, SC’s port increased its container volume by 14% during the 2015 fiscal year. This is a near-record level for the SC port and is reflected in economic growth.

And, Charleston’s Post & Courier reports, more contracts with container ships have been made for the year ahead. Middle Eastern companies, such as the United Arab Shipping Company, as well as Asian companies have struck new partnerships with the Charleston port, allowing even more revenue to stream into the Lowcountry. The Dubai-based United Arab Shipping Company is the Middle East’s largest shipping company.

The port increase is great news for the local community and economy, particularly because “America’s public ports also serve as a key element of state and local economic development and job creation efforts,” according to the American Association of Port Authorities. As the Lowcountry continues to see an increase in its imports and exports, Charleston, SC economic growth will also continue to move upwards. Specifically, the Greater Charleston area will likely continue to see a significant increase in the number of quality jobs it can offer Lowcountry inhabitants.

An increase in jobs and population will also increase the need for new commercial and residential spaces. These spaces will need to be well planned in order to meet the needs of the Charleston, SC economic growth. Sustainability planning is essential with projects that are being constructed in expanding areas. Carolina Services specializes in commercial space planning and is available to help with your next expansion or ground-level project.

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