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Since 1976, Carolina Services Inc. (CSI) has specialized in commercial construction, commercial maintenace and repair, space planning, and tenant up-fits. Our Charleston, SC construction company serves developers and business owners with a superior full service commercial construction company that also provides interior space improvements. CSI works as a building contractor with clients in retail, office, medical and industrial complexes to deliver turnkey construction and maintenance solutions to our customers on time and at costs that fit within budget. You can have a look at some of our completed developments and project work in our project gallery.

Find out more about CSI and what makes us the top construction company in Charleston, SC on top of all of the services we offer. From our construction solutions, commercial space planning, and tenant up-fit services to church restorations and retail maintenance

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Commercial Construction

Our full service construction services provide all aspects of the construction and development process. From initial concept to final completion, we put our expertise to work for you with a commitment to timely communication and integrity.

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Commercial Maintenance

We are proud to offer a full complement of sub contractors to fill any need large or small for you business. From minor repairs or door adjustments to minor renovations our team can support your business so you can focus on growing your business.

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Tenant Up-fit

Our space planning and tenant up-fit services can bring your business goals to reality. Our project portfolio includes build-outs for retail, office, medical and industrial facilities, using the very latest in construction technology and methods.

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Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial Property Management in Charleston

By Commercial Space, Design, Landscaping

If you own any type of rental property, you know the headache and stress that is involved with it. However, there are some amazing benefits as well that far outweigh the problems. When it comes to commercial properties, the benefits are bigger, as well as the obstacles. Instead of dealing with one tenant, like residential property, you are dealing with one tenant but multiple people since renters are usually a business who need a space. Besides regular maintenance, one thing…

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acoustic ceiling tiles

Why Should I Use Acoustic Ceiling Tiles?

By Acoustic Ceilings, Commercial Space, Construction

When it comes to a work environment, there are a lot of things that go into it that can make it productive or just awful. One of the main necessities for a pleasant work environment it sound. For some, they can work right through a lot of noise and it doesn’t bother them. However, for the majority of us, extra noise not only can be very distracting but eventually it becomes a major annoyance. If you have any noise problems…

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how to install insulation

5 Techniques on How to Install Insulation

By Drywall, Installation, Insulation

Have you noticed your electric bill slowly but steadily going up? Maybe your house is a little on the older side? Then there are 2 things that you need to look into to help retain not only your money for your heated or cooled air. First is to look into your windows. Make sure they are still fitting correctly as well as how old they are. The other is checking your insulation. It may have settled unevenly or just needs…

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landscaping professionals

What Are Landscape Professionals?

By Commercial Space, Installation, Landscaping

Now that summer is in full swing, one of the best ways to celebrate the warmer weather is to have friends and family over. Since the sun is setting later, it is safe to assume that once the temperature starts to drop, we all tend to move outdoors. A gathering can easily be enhanced by a neat and trimmed yard. Guests will ask your secrets on how to keep your blooms healthy and coming back every year. For some of…

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office space planning guidelines

Office Space Planning Guidelines for a Growing Business

By Commercial Space, Space Planning

A while ago you started your own business and now it has grown. This is awesome but it comes with a new set of needs. It can be a very exciting transition and also is a time for planning. For most businesses, you will have clients coming in and out as well as having more than one person per department. Making sure that everyone can be productive and happy in an office setting is a top priority. We at Carolina…

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handicap accessible

What Does Handicap Accessible Mean?

By ADA Compliance, Commercial Space, Construction, Space Planning

When building a business or a home for those that are handicapped, there are a lot of angles that need to be covered. First, lets start with some definitions. Accessible means the degree to which a product, service or environment is available to as many people as possible. Also, the ADA states that “the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations,…

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types of countertop materials

10 Types of Countertop Materials and When to Use Them

By Commercial Space, Design, Installation

Switching out your countertops is a simple way to jazz up your home aesthetically and functionally. Fortunately, there are a ton of options to choose from! There are lots of types of countertop materials and they all have their pros and cons; some are cheap and some are expensive. Luckily we at Carolina Services have taken all of the confusion out of figuring out which is best and have put together a list of our top ten types of countertops….

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office air quality

Is Your Office Air Quality Safe?

By Commercial Space, Design, Space Planning

When working in an office environment, there are usually a lot of things to contend with throughout the day besides getting your work done. There can be an array of distractions, some welcome and some not. One thing that most people usually don’t think about is if their office air quality is safe. However, it is something to seriously consider and not something for only your manager or office owner to worry about. It is everyone’s job to help maintain a…

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how to soundproof a room

How to Soundproof a Room

By Acoustic Ceilings, Design, Installation

Ever move into a new apartment or house and realize that you can hear everything that is going on? It can turn your new home from a tranquil retreat from the world to a place too noisy to think in a blink of an eye. It could be kids or pets in your own house that can shake the ceiling and rattle the pictures, or if you are in an apartment not only can you smell what your neighbors are…

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How to Design Office Floor Plans

How to Design Office Floor Plans

By Commercial Space, Design, Space Planning

Designing an office floor plan involves more than simply arrange a few cubicles; it requires careful thought and consideration to create a space that is productive, visually appealing – and less expensive to create and maintain. That’s why we at Carolina Services Inchave created this brief guide, offering a few pointers on how to design office floor plans. Focus on Efficiency Well designed office floor plans should increase the productivity of an office by ensuring ease of organization and communication…

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