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Since 1976, Carolina Services Inc. (CSI) has specialized in commercial construction, commercial maintenace and repair, space planning, and tenant up-fits. Our Charleston, SC construction company serves developers and business owners with a superior full service commercial construction company that also provides interior space improvements. CSI works as a building contractor with clients in retail, office, medical and industrial complexes to deliver turnkey construction and maintenance solutions to our customers on time and at costs that fit within budget. You can have a look at some of our completed developments and project work in our project gallery.

Find out more about CSI and what makes us the top construction company in Charleston, SC on top of all of the services we offer. From our construction solutions, commercial space planning, and tenant up-fit services to church restorations and retail maintenance

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Commercial Construction

Our full service construction services provide all aspects of the construction and development process. From initial concept to final completion, we put our expertise to work for you with a commitment to timely communication and integrity.

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Commercial Maintenance

We are proud to offer a full complement of sub contractors to fill any need large or small for you business. From minor repairs or door adjustments to minor renovations our team can support your business so you can focus on growing your business.

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Tenant Up-fit

Our space planning and tenant up-fit services can bring your business goals to reality. Our project portfolio includes build-outs for retail, office, medical and industrial facilities, using the very latest in construction technology and methods.

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Industry News

Open Commercial Floor Plans

By Commercial Space, Construction, Space Planning

Designing a commercial space can be both exciting and a great challenge.  It can be very exciting because designing new commercial spaces either means your company is growing, or you’re upgrading a property that you own to helpfully gain more revenue.  Either of these times can be exciting for your business!  But like anything in business, you want to make sure that you’re get the best return on your investment.  Upgrading or remodeling commercial space can be a huge investment…

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facilities services

Commercial facilities services

By Commercial Space, Landscaping

Commercial facilities services should be one of the furthest things from your mind.  As a business owner, your priorities should be with your employees, production, and sales.  Your goal as a business owner is to help drive your business forward and increase your market share.  Taking care of your employees, managing your business’ processes, and developing your customers are the things that are going to help accomplish just that. Having a facility for you employees to work in, your raw…

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church restoration

Charleston Area Church Restoration

By Church Restoration

Charleston, South Carolina is rich in so many different many different things from history, to architectural design to culture.  The beauty of the area is due largely to the preservation of both its natural surroundings and its historic buildings.  Some of the most stunning architectural pieces in the Charleston area are the churches.  Charleston is actually known as the “Holy City” due in large part to the number of churches in the area and its early religious tolerance. Weather your…

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office interior

Commercial Interior Decorating Ideas

By Commercial Space, Design

Decorating the interior of your commercial space has a lot to do with your taste, the area your office or retail space is in and what type of clients you expect to have.  Unless you’ve been decorating and up fitting commercial space for a long time, you might not even know what your tastes are!  One of the best ways to start your commercial interior design process is to check out some other amazing spaces to see what you like,…

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what is civil engineering

What is Civil Engineering?

By Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the professional discipline of designing, building and maintaining the built environment.  Civil engineering is the discipline responsible for just about any structure you see today that man has created.  Once the days of mud huts and wood homes passed, civil engineers have been needed to help ensure that the structures being built are safe and comfortable for the people that occupy them.  Buildings and bridges are some of the first structures that come to mind when thinking…

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What is Vinyl Flooring

What is Vinyl Flooring?

By Construction

Vinyl flooring can be one of the best flooring options for your commercial space.  Vinyl can provide both durability and beauty at a reasonable cost.  Vinyl can be made in a variety of prints, patterns and colors to fit your space and is relatively easy to care for to bring lasting beauty and functionality to your office or retail building. Vinyl also is one of the more misunderstood flooring options available today.  When most people think of vinyl, they think…

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How to Choose Your Commercial Flooring

By Construction

The floor covering you use in your space will say a lot about the business you are running.  Whether you have an office building, a retail space or even warehouse space, the flooring you choose will change the color, character and impression your space gives to your employees, renters and customers.  Whether you are recovering an existing floor, or about to finish your new construction you should choose your commercial flooring carefully. There are multiple factors to consider when you…

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Do You Need a Space Planner?

By Space Planning

Building and renovating a new space can be one of the most exciting times for you and your business.  You are starting with a clean slate and have the opportunity to reinvent your business and create a space where your employees, clients or customers can be comfortable and be impressed.  The challenge comes in how you can go about turning your dreams into reality. The truth is many of us can use help dreaming as well.  You manage or own…

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Give Your Retail Space a Makeover

By Commercial Space

Having retail space is one of the biggest assets your business has.  Sure you could probably open an online store and your website brings in a few sales, but the reality is your retail spaces is where your business is able to display the things that make you unique and worth visiting.  Your employees are well trained and great at turning window shoppers into customers and your store is located in the right place for high visibility.  But what does…

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Construction Planning

Get Help with Your Office Construction Planning

By Commercial Space, Construction, Design

New construction can be one of the most exciting times of expansion, and at the same time one of the most stressful parts of starting a new venture or taking your business to the next level.  Construction planning is always a complicated process because it has to take your project all the way from a dream to occupancy.  That includes everything from space design and maximization through framing, drywall, painting, finishing and furniture.  All of these details get even more…

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