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Office Interior Design – Give Your Space a Face Lift

By February 1, 2021April 28th, 2022Design, Office Design
Office interior design

Good office interior design incorporates a combination of functionality and aesthetics to inspire workers. When you design your office, it’s important to think about its utility first. But forgetting about the other elements can impact the productivity of your workforce. 

The average full-time employee spends about 1,800 hours annually at work. According to one study, nearly half (46%) of professionals claim that their workspace heavily impacts their productivity. In other words, the interior design of your office can be a great motivator. 

Top Options for Office Interior Design

If you need some office interior design help, here are some of the things you can add to your list to create a stunning and impactful result. 

Interior Office Sustainability

Sustainability is a growing trend, but that doesn’t mean it’s a passing fad. Consumers, which also includes your employees, want to interact with brands and employers that care about the planet’s future. When you launch an office interior design project, one of the focuses should be sustainability through energy-efficiency and choosing the right materials. 

White as a Backdrop

Charleston is a coastal area, so it makes sense to use coastal interior design methods for your office just as you would a home. You can keep things “light” by using white as your interior background color and then accentuating your office with other colors that might reflect your brand.

Light-Colored Floors

Light-colored floors also work well in office spaces. Whether tile, hardwood, or laminate, you can use hues of light gray, pale oak, or whitewashed flooring. You might wish to choose something with grays if you have some high-traffic areas in your office. 

Accent Colors

Once you select your base colors, it’s time to choose some accents for things like seating and decorations. The color of your surroundings can impact mood, so these choices for office interior design are vital. For example, natural colors like blue and green can improve focus and efficiency. Warmer colors can spur intensity and innovative thinking. 

Local Art

Your business is the perfect place to showcase local artists on your walls and throughout your common spaces. This lets employees know that you value the area that your business is located in, and it also sends goodwill out into the community when your business becomes a patron of the arts. 


Biophilia is a somewhat new catchphrase in workplace design, meaning bringing the outside in. In short, you want to use interior design approaches to bring nature into the workspace through lighting, plants, colors, and patterns. 

Making Changes to Your Office?

If you’re ready to make changes to your office this year, we can help. Since 1976, Carolina Services Inc. (CSI) has provided clients throughout the Charleston, SC area with quality commercial construction services. 

Our full-service construction company offers commercial construction, space planning, tenant up-fits, and commercial maintenance and repair services, as well as interior space improvements. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can satisfy your needs.