Office Interior Painting

office interior paintingIf you are looking for a way to spruce up your office space this spring, a little paint might be all you need!  Office interior painting can see like one of those tedious tasks that you dread doing.  Who really wants to deal with all the noise, the smell, the paint, the months of aggravation and unsightly ladders and drop cloths everywhere?  What if office interior painting wasn’t as bad as it seemed?  Carolina Services Inc. can help you get your office looking fresh and new with a coat of paint in no time.  We pride ourselves on quick professional work that will leave as little of an impact on your business and its daily operation as possible!

Of course, the biggest step in any painting project is to decide which colors!  Choosing colors for your new office is a complex and complicated process the requires both an ability to choose bold exciting colors and a cautious side which makes sure your office doesn’t end up looking like a child’s coloring book.  The two big things to consider when you’re repainting your office is both the office layout and current colors.

As offices have become more open and less focused on the cubical or closed office, bright colors go a lot further.  If you have an open space with a lot of glass you may choose to have earth tones and relaxing colors on most walls and include an accent wall or even use wall art to bring in the excitement.  The other thing to consider is the colors you already have in your office.  Do you have a lot of wood in your furniture?  If it is light wood you may consider going with darker colors on the walls for contrast whereas if you have dark wood, you can use lighter tans or even pastel colors.  Maybe your office space has a lot of metal or dark floors.  In this case you may choose to lighten up your space with some bright colors.  For some more information about choosing colors for your office, check out this article about how to keep colors simple in your office.

The colors you choose are the most important part of your decision when you are starting your office interior painting project.  Another thing to consider is where you place those colors.  If you do choose to use some brighter colors or pastels it can be better to place them higher.  People in your office may not enjoy having a bright green wall right next to their desk, but a splash of color high on the wall opposite the windows can really bright not just light, but a warm hue to their workspace that will keep them productive and energized throughout the day.

When you are ready to start your office interior painting, call Carolina Services Inc.  We can help you decide which colors to use that will go best with your current furniture and décor.  We can also help you find the right balance of color, brightness and earth tones to help your office feel comfortable but energizing.  We also can get your job done the right way, the first time.  When you’re ready to repair your office, call Carolina Services at 843-566-0656 or visit our website to learn more about our office maintenance services.

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