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Office Interior Design Tips

interior design tips

interior design tipsGone are the days of taupe walls, closed doors and fake plants in the lobby.  Offices today are quickly being revolutionized by changing technology and a greater desire for employee satisfaction.  Just a few years ago, if you spent all of your days at your desk grinding away at your work you were considered a great employee.  Today being at your desk doesn’t necessarily mean you are being productive and longer hours spent in your office with the door shut doesn’t always make you a harder worker.

As the cultures of our office and business have changed the past few years it makes sense that your office interior design should change as well.  In this article, we’ve put together a few interior design tips to help your small business be more productive and more collaborative.

One tip we’ve learned from some larger companies is that food isn’t just for the dinner table.  Not only is it healthy to eat small portions more frequently over the course of a day, but it can also help boost the productivity levels in your office.  Making sure your employees are well fueled and have plenty of energy to accomplish their tasks is a great way to help keep both productivity and job satisfaction up.  As you are designing your office interior, don’t forget about the kitchen!  Make sure food storage areas are readily available for your employees and close to their workstations.

You may also consider putting your food storage in group work locations as well.  Having food available for your employees in their collaborative workspaces can help turn small snack breaks into shared ideas, impromptu brainstorming sessions, and better employee relationships.  Make sure you include comfortable seating and bright colors to help bring energy to your food storage areas in your office.  For more great interior designs tips on how to increase employee collaboration check out this article about how Google and Pixar increase collaboration.

interior design tipsAnother great idea for your office’s interior design project is to consider the objects you will use to define your space.  Wall color and furniture choice can go a long way in setting the mood for your space but don’t forget to budget for decorations.  When we say decorations we aren’t talking abstract prints from the 80’s.  Today’s great offices use decorations in conjunction with the mood of the space.  If you have created personal work stations where someone can go to work through a few hours of tedious computer work you might consider a hanging garden, a soothing self-contained fountain or even a few over stuffed pillows on the furniture.  In this area you may even encourage employees to bring items from home that can help them be more comfortable.  If you are decorating a collaborative area where you want energy to be high and ideas to flow, consider adding some unique light fixtures for bright warm light.  In this area you can get as creative as you want using large statues, pictures of race cars, or even old arcade machines.  Depending on your office culture and business, be open minded to see what could bring some excitement to your creative spaces.

The last of our interior design tips for this article is to make sure you allocate space to your employees based on the tools they require and the frequency for which they are in the office.  If you have a high-level member on your team that has a huge office but rarely has meetings on site and only spends a few hours a week in the office, you probably don’t need to give them a large office with meeting space and a large desk.  Similarly, if an employee will be having confidential conversations with clients or need a large work area for their projects they should have priority in using larger spaces.  It can be tempting to base office size and desk space off seniority in the company, but that can lead to a lot of wasted space and higher operating costs.

If you need help with your office interior design project, don’t hesitate to call in the experts from Carolina Services Inc.  Our space planning and design team has the experience and skills to help you create the space your company needs to succeed.  We can help you with small projects like decorating, or painting to larger projects including remodeling and new construction.  Give us a call at 843-566-0656 to start your consultation or visit us online to learn more about our space planning and design services.

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