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Modern Door Trim Ideas

By January 26, 2014June 8th, 2022Design, Framing, Trim Work
Modern doors with dark black paint

When designing and decorating a space the key to creating a cohesive look is focusing on the details.  One of the most overlooked elements in a room is the door trim – but when given the proper attention, carefully selected trim can be the detail that pulls the room together. This is especially true when attempting a modern design, where minimalism and clean lines define the style. To help you update your space and accomplish an attractive, contemporary feel, Carolina Services Inc. has created this list of modern door trim ideas.

Avoid Embellishments

Traditional door trim consists of rosettes (square pieces in the upper  corners, often with a circular indentation in the center), plinth blocks (large, wide transitional pieces between the door trim and the baseboard) and the casings themselves – the actual trim work around the door that usually contains decorative grooves and notches. This level of embellishment is inconsistent with the simplicity of modern style, which is best exemplified with smooth casing that extended fully to the floor or are beveled to meet the baseboard. Rosettes and plinth blocks should be avoided.

Experiment with Casing Widths

Typically, door casings are between 2 1/4 – 2 1/2 inches wide on both sides and above the door. (In some craftsman style homes, you may find that the casing above the door is wider than that on either side.) However, many modern designers are now opting for door trim that is significantly wider or more narrow than 2 1/2 inches on all sides. Wider door trim creates a grander appearance and is best used on entryway doors, in rooms with high ceilings, or around open arches. Extremely narrow door frames work well around doors that feature glass panels, in which the focus will naturally be on the view through the glass. Narrow trim is also a good choice in older homes with lower ceilings, as it gives the illusion of more area between the top of the door and the ceiling.

Experiment with Bold Colors

Most conventional door trim is painted in glossy shades of white or cream, or else stained a natural wood tone. These colors make door  trim inconspicuous, but when attempting to create a modern style, that can make trim appear dated and unimaginative. Consider painting door trim black for a more masculine appearance, or using a bright color that pops against more neutrally painted walls and doors. Or, perhaps you will choose to go in the opposite direction and paint the walls, doors, and trim the same color and sheen. This creates a minimalist backdrop for more colorful accent pieces to stand out against.

Of course, these modern door trim ideas will work best when the rest of the trim work in the room matches. Special attention should also be given to the hardware of the door itself – no matter how wide and brightly painted your door trim is, the modern look will not be complete if your door knows are ornate and antiquated.

No matter if your style is modern or traditional, Carolina Services Inc. is prepared to help you build, maintain, and update your spaces. Contact us today to learn more about the construction services we offer.

Photo courtesy of: Emily May