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Keeping Your Distance to Create a Safe Workspace

By November 16, 2020May 4th, 2022Office Design, Space Planning
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No one was prepared for the changes that 2020 has brought thanks to COVID-19. A global pandemic has made an entire host of changes necessary to create a safe workspace for employees and customers.

But, change isn’t easy, particularly when it’s sudden and unexpected. If your company hasn’t completely integrated back into the office yet, you might be struggling with ways to do this effectively. Here are some tips for social distancing at work to create a safe workplace. 

Set Clear Expectations

When you decide to make a ton of changes, it’s only natural that you might get different reactions from staff and even customers. It’s vital that you establish your expectations clearly at the start. 

Do you want people to wear a mask at all times while in the building? If so, put some clear signage on your front door and make sure you enforce your policy. Unless you’re ok with sending employees home or customers away for not having a mask, you might also want to have some on hand to give out. 

Be Consistent

No matter what your message is regarding social distancing, be consistent. If you want people to stay six feet apart, avoid scheduling meetings where they’re forced to cram into a small room. 

Use Floor Decals for Clarity

Not everyone can measure six-feet in their head or remember which way they’re supposed to walk down a particular hallway. Use floor decals to show these distances as well as arrows to give staff a reminder. 

Make Ample Use of Signage

For change to be effective, people need plenty of reminders and reinforcement. It might seem silly, but there’s nothing wrong with putting signs around your office reminding workers and clients about your guidelines. It will also show that you take these matters seriously. 

Redefine Common Spaces

You don’t have to cut off the use of common spaces like break rooms or meeting rooms because of COVID-19. But how you use them should be different. For example, seating should be spaced out, masks worn, and occupancy in small rooms reduced. Some companies are even moving to outdoor spaces where feasible for meetings and breaks. 

Use Your Brand’s Voice

Just because your business needs to adapt to a global health crisis doesn’t mean it can’t use its voice when doing so. Instead of being dry and drab (unless that’s your company’s personality), let your brand’s voice shine throughout this process. Use your logo and colors on your signage and be as lighthearted as possible while still getting your message across. 

Ask for Feedback

Maintaining safety is vital, but there’s a chance that you’ve missed a step. Or perhaps there are better ways to accomplish your goals of creating a safe workspace. Ask your staff to provide input and feedback when you create and implement your safety protocols. This step will likely foster more unity and buy-in. 

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