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Installing a Fire Pit on Your Commercial Property 

By March 15, 2024March 18th, 2024commercial construction
Installing a fire pit on commercial property. Outdoor seating and fire pit for businesses and apartments.

Fire pits have become increasingly popular, even for commercial spaces including restaurants, malls, ski resorts, apartment complexes, office buildings, and more. A commercial fire pit provides an appealing focal point for an outdoor space that invites mingling, conversation, and relaxation. They can look fantastic and add to each location’s value. Learn why installing a fire pit on your commercial property is a good idea. 

Commercial Fire Pit Trends 

These five trends indicate the features causing increased fire pit installations on commercial properties.

  1. Fire pits are a cost-effective way to make an outdoor space stand out, making it more appealing and functional. 
  2. While restaurants, hotels, and resorts have previously led the way in fire pit use, it has expanded into apartment complexes, senior centers, and business applications. 
  3. While stone has traditionally been the primary material used in fire pits, designers now use a wider variety of materials including metallic and modern finishes. 
  4. Fire pit design has traditionally focused on round shapes. Those shapes are getting larger, now 6-8 feet in diameter. Today, more fire pits/fireplaces are being designed in narrow linear shapes that allow designers to divide outdoor spaces into different zones to more creatively break up outdoor spaces. 
  5. More fire pits are using propane and gas as their fuel source instead of wood to limit wood smoke, eliminate particulate pollution, and improve safety. Installing a commercial fire pit requires attention to design and operating requirements. 

Installing a Fire Pit on Your Commercial Property 

There are a few things you should consider when thinking of installing a fire pit on your property to ensure it is done satisfactorily. 

  • It is important to determine the intended use of a fire pit. Will it increase the space’s warmth, ambiance, or both? 
  • What scale should be used to build the fire pit? 
    • Other considerations include determining the minimal BTU rating to achieve the warmth desired, whether a glass shield will be needed, the amount of walk space between the fire pit and the seating area, and whether the fire pit will be stationary or portable. 
  • What type of fuel source will be used? 
  • What are the fire pit’s operating needs relative to ventilation, ignition, and fuel use? The weather effects of wind and rain will need to be considered. 
  • What permits are needed? 
  • Where the fire pit is placed is a critical decision. It can’t be too close to high-traffic areas. 
  • Plan for extinguisher systems to be near and accessible. 
  • After installing a fire pit, who will operate it, and who will manage its continuing care and maintenance?             

Design Ideas for Installing a Fire Pit 

You want to do more than just place a fire pit somewhere on your property. For appeal, ensure the entire space around the fire pit is designed well for comfortability and functionality. This means you need seating, maybe a new sidewalk and quality lighting leading people out to the fire pit. 

Consider having the space function designed with its own space personality. You can pair a fire pit with greenery to section it off or create a hideaway. Be sure to use color generously to dress up the space. And use seating choices that are attractive, comfortable, and distinctive.

Seek Expert Commercial Construction Services 

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