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Innovative Office Designs Shaped by Millennial Generation

By June 15, 2019June 8th, 2022Commercial Space, Office Design
Innovative Office Designs Shaped by Millennial Generation

The millennial generation comprises up to one-third of the world’s population of employees. It is also the largest demographic of workers in the U.S. labor market!  This new generation of office workers has unique sensibilities, and office design is increasing reflecting these values across the globe.

Office Space Layouts are Changing 

Innovative open floor space is replacing the dense cubicles typical of corporate office space during the last 50 years. Millennials often associate cubicles with images of white-collar despair and isolation.  They believe this office space design leads to meaningless work, dead-end employment, and unfulfilling life.

Google is an innovator in inclusive office design.  The office facilities are designed to promote the principle of the importance of community.  Google’s unique working environments are sought out by the millennial generation, who gravitate to the strong working and social networks between employees, that Google promotes through its office design.

Companies Like Google Promote Millennial-Friendly Designs

The millennial-friendly designs adopted by Google include spaces that are open, flexible, and include collaborative workspaces.  Simple changes like the positioning of desks in a communal space, rather than a cubicle, enable employees to work together directly and indirectly.  There are some downsides to the open space and collaborative design adopted by companies like Google. There are issues related to more disruptions during the day by coworkers and higher noise levels. Employees rate private office space as the most desirable working space and prefer home offices, open floor space, or collaborative workspaces. The cubicle remains at the bottom of the list, and the corner office at the top.

Millennials Embrace Office Design that Synergizes with Technology.

Integrating technology into the office space and allowing connectivity between digital devices provide unique opportunities to work collaboratively, with greater flexibility and efficiency.  Technologies such as interactive whiteboards, smart TVs and cloud computing services, and collaborative software applications provide versatility. The ability to source work anywhere in the world is attractive to millennials. It allows more opportunities to travel and work from home.

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