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Increase Your Business’s Curb Appeal

By December 16, 2020March 25th, 2022Landscaping, Office Design, Space Planning
Man increasing curb appeal by landscaping

As a commercial business, one of your goals is likely to keep vacancies filled and your turnover rate as low as possible. What many property owners fail to realize is that both potential and current tenants are judging your property based on its exterior condition as well as its location, cost, and amenities. 

If your building has zero curb appeal, tenants won’t want to sign or keep a lease for several reasons. They might wonder what you are neglecting inside the building if you don’t care about the outside. They’ll also worry about what an ugly property will say to their customer base and even their staff. 

Knowing this, there is significant value in investing in your business’s curb appeal. Here are some of the ways you can accomplish this:

Use Landscaping

Well-planned and attractive landscape design can boost the economic value of your commercial property and make it more visually pleasing. How does this make a property more valuable? 

One study found that 68% of tenants used landscape design as a factor when deciding where to rent or buy. When the right commercial landscaping is in place, it can increase the foot traffic in a retail district by as much as 40%

Prioritize Safety

People want to work in and visit businesses that are safe and secure. Whether it’s a warehouse, office building, retail space, or medical provider, the owner can do a lot to showcase safety on the outside of the building. Some examples include proper outdoor lighting to prevent accidents, adequate walkways, and inviting commercial landscaping. 

Make Timely Repairs

When something is broken or missing, it needs to be fixed quickly. Commercial buildings that ignore hazards are sending the message that they don’t care about safety. Further, this creates the potential for liability if an accident occurs. You can boost your curb appeal and send the message that you’re conscientious by quickly repairing broken stair rails, fixing crumbling walkways, or replacing overgrown or dead commercial landscaping. 

Refresh Your Signage

Dated, missing, or crooked signage tells people that “no one cares” about this property. Update your signage and refresh your branding at the same time. 

Update Your Paint

Similar to poor signage, updating the paint on your building can give your commercial property a new lease on life. It can make an older building look brand new. Choose colors that will be memorable yet stand up to the test of time and through the seasons. 

Add Exterior Trim

Another way to add “pop” to the exterior appearance of your commercial building is to include the right trim. Install some new shutters or coordinating trim that will instantly give your building a streamlined look. Match it to your signage for better exterior branding. 

Keep It Clean

Customers and potential tenants want to see a clean and tidy property when they pull up. In fact, one survey by Morpace found that two-thirds of consumers decided not to visit a store based only on its appearance from the street. Keep the windows and areas around the building clean and updated at all times. 

Get Help With Your Business’s Curb Appeal

The appearance of your commercial property can impact your business results. If your organization needs space planning, commercial construction, commercial maintenance and repair, or tenant upfit services, we can help. 

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