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Improve Your Bottom Line with Safe Budget Cuts

By January 30, 2020May 4th, 2022commercial development
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Businesses operating in the for-profit sector rely on profits for growth and survival. Profitability, or optimizing the bottom line, is essential to expanding operations, securing financing, attracting investors, retaining a quality workforce, buying inventory and remaining competitive. Indeed, for all organizations large and small, controlling expenses and making budget cuts is both prudent and necessary. As Sam Walton said, “Control your expenses better than your competition. This is where you can always find the competitive advantage.”

Ideas to Improve Your Bottom Line with Safe Budget Cuts

Business success relies fundamentally on careful, planned and strategic actions. So, managing expenses and making budget cuts should also be done carefully and deliberately in a way that doesn’t compromise the organization’s mission or values, degrade the employee experience or negatively affect the customer. Consider these means of reducing expenses to improve the bottom line:

  1. Improve utilities expenses:
  • Use a smart or programmable thermostat.
  • Upgrade to double-pane insulated windows.
  • Invest in light-blocking blinds.
  • Upgrade lighting to LED sources.
  • Make sure that unnecessary office lights, machinery and appliances are powered down after work hours.
  1. Save human resources funds:
  • Don’t make too rapid or unnecessary hires.
  • Outsource non-core functions, such as some accounting and marketing work.
  • Make cost-effective but sensible changes to employee health care plans.
  • Build employee benefits based on merits and real practical value.
  1. Manage travel:
  • Encourage telecommuting and reduce travel.
  • Limit travel expenses.
  1. Use existing office space more efficiently.
  2. As equipment is replaced, save office expenses by acquiring gently used equipment including office technology, vehicles, storage equipment and furniture.
  3. Pay invoices early to save on net payments.
  4. Avoid interest charges where possible.
  5. Control location costs by negotiating more favorable commercial space rent or lease payments.
  6. Explore buying groups to secure the power of pooled purchasing for inventory or supplies.
  7. Enhance digital practices to reduce office expenses in paper and storage costs.
  8. Store supplies in one office location to better keep track of usage and inventories.
  9. Watch out for insurance overpayments.

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