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How Your Building Can be Made Sustainable

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Sustainability should be a vital and compelling objective of any business or building. The benefits extend beyond your carbon footprint, though sustainable properties do contribute to being more eco-friendly.  

Benefits of making your building more sustainable include these: 

  • Sustainability is gentler and kinder to the earth. Buildings comprise nearly 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions, so to cut CO2 emissions, strive to be more sustainable.  
  • Sustainable buildings are typically healthier environments for your staff, team, and loved ones. A healthier work setting may motivate your employees and you could see improved productivity, in some instances.  
  • Sustainable buildings can be more efficient and profitable than those that are not sustainable. Utilities can be lower, so more revenues go in your pocket each month.  

The next question may be regarding how to make your building more sustainable. There are many ways, including these ideas: 

Select Materials for Sustainability 

The first thing that makes a building sustainable is the materials that you use in it. This starts from the very first foundation and core of your property, and typical materials like concrete or metal, do leave a significant carbon footprint behind.  

You may pay attention to the amount of materials used, that is, the size and height of your building when starting from scratch. For example, a dropped ceiling can save up to 7% in building surfacing materials. 

Sustainable Spaces are Versatile 

Another way to make a building more sustainable is to plan ahead and make it versatile. Create spaces and buildings that could have multiple purposes now and in the future. This extends to parking garages and lots, too. Working with a professional contractor and designer can help you come up with versatile solutions for your space.  

Encourage Employee Participation 

Encourage your team to move during the day with thoughtful configurations and design tactics. Create appealing stairs and steps with lighting and art that motivates the team to use them throughout the day. Provide for a space that employees can take a break during the day with communal areas and aesthetic features that inspire and invigorate the senses.  

Make the Most of the Sun 

It is safe to say that the sun is one of your building’s greatest potential assets- are you taking advantage of it? Bring the outside in- and cut utility costs- by allowing for large windows in your building. Solar energy is an excellent step toward sustainability, and small business owners may find appealing tax credits for doing so. Furthermore, bright and natural light can energize your staff and it helps foster productivity, which is good news for your bottom-line.  

Want to learn more about making your building more sustainable? Talk to professionals who know commercial spaces and their design at Carolina Services Inc, in Charleston SC. We offer the expertise and experience to make the most of your building remodel, with an eye toward sustainability.