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How Much Would Your Office Renovation Cost? 

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If you have been thinking of updating or upgrading your workspace, it can be helpful to know what such office renovations cost, to better plan and budget. Experts suggest that you prioritize the needs of your space, i.e., new flooring, roof repair, etc., to ensure your budget stretches to cover the costs of the prime goals first, before moving on.  

So, how much would your office renovation cost? Here are some basic things to know: 


It all comes down to the size of the space being remodeled; as expected, larger spaces often cost more than smaller ones to renovate- but there are exceptions. Usually, prices are discussed in terms of ‘per foot.’ That is, experts recommend that you estimate $200 per square foot being remodeled; do you know the square footage of your office? Multiply the width of the room by the length to find the square footage. This typically encompasses the cost of both labor and materials for your project.  

Remember that this estimate should also account for things like fixtures and appliances. So, a bathroom may be small in square footage, but you may need to spend more on necessary fixtures, like sinks and tubs. Many average the renovation cost of a typical bathroom to be around $15,000. 


Compare labor costs among your contractors, but do not let that be the deciding factor. Even if there is a slight price differential, it may be worth it for a contractor that is experienced, reputable, and bonded- ask around to find out more about who you hire. Remember, too, that you may need the services of an architect, engineer, or designer- this will cost money, too. Look for contractors that offer design services, for a ‘one-stop-shop’, so to speak.  

It is common for a qualified contractor to charge a rate of $30 per hour for labor though there are some exceptions to this, too. For instance, a custom woodworker may charge a rate of $100 per square foot for things like customized stairs or railings.  


Again, the types and quality of materials that you choose will dictate the cost. When renovating a commercial space, like an office, you want the results to be both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Your contractor can be an invaluable resource during these undertakings. Don’t always opt for the cheapest choice; sometimes, spending a bit more now pays off later. Plus, if this is your workplace, keep in mind that you will be spending significant time there. Make sure that it suits your needs and reflects what you do.  

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