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How Much Office Space Do You Need?

Employees working socializing office space

When configuring and planning your workplace, how much office space do you need? Naturally, there are many factors that come into play- and your needs are contingent on your industry, size of staff, and more. Too little space may hamper productivity, while too much space can be costly. When it comes to finding and designing a functional and productive space, here is what you should know: 


When you consider your office options, it is important to know the square footage. Typically, the size is a sell point for the agent showing the space, so you should be informed of the square footage right away. Industry experts suggest that you use the rule of thumb allowing 175 sq. feet per person working in the space. Perhaps a little more for team leaders or supervisors, like around 200 sq. feet. This is, of course, a general guideline.  


Another important aspect is the layout of your space. This relates to how you configure the office and what dedicated spaces are necessary. In terms of layout, office spaces are usually open, compartmentalized, or a combination of both. Depending on what you offer, each layout style offers something different. For instance, an open layout allows for easy interactions among the team while the smaller, compartmentalized spaces provide privacy and confidentiality, as needed.  


What kind of lifestyle or culture does your business or brand embrace? If you regularly have meetings and team tasks, you may need some common spaces that accommodate your entire staff. If your employees work long days at demanding jobs, provide them places to relax and unwind on break, to eat a meal, or to converse with others. These amenities create better morale and instill a sense of pride, too. It may make sense to look for offices and worksites with access to the outdoors and dedicated greenspaces.  


What are your future plans? This is another element to consider when laying out your office space. If you plan on growth and development, you will need more space. Don’t settle for digs that are too small. If you are offering a service or product on a limited or temporary basis, you may need less space which may help curb costs. Try to identify your own future goals when looking at office space that will stand the test of time for your company.

So, how much office space do you need? Use these tips to configure and find the perfect spot for your business or brand. Get the most from your commercial space with the services of Carolina Services Inc, in Charleston, SC. Carolina Services Inc. (CSI) is Charleston’s premier commercial space planning, improvement, and construction) company.  Call or visit today!