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How Much Natural Light Does Your Office Need?

Commercial office space renovations how much natural light does an office need windows

Studies show that people are more productive in natural light, which makes it pragmatic for the workplace or office. That is, since natural sunlight provides health perks and benefits that make staff feel better, job performance is better, too. Too little light leads to lethargy, fatigue, and depression. How much natural light does your office need? Here is what you should know:  

How Much Natural Light is Right  

Workspaces need to take a lot of things into account when reevaluating their lighting needs. Natural light is necessary, but function, safety, and efficiency are also factors. Here are some tips to optimize the natural lighting in your workspace: 

  • If you are the property owner, install skylights in your space, ideally above staff areas and cubicles.  
  • Use frosted or colored glass on windows to diffuse the natural light that comes in. This will help reduce glare and shadows, too.  
  • Consider the wall color. Use a light shade of paint, preferably in a matte finish to reduce glares.  
  • Think about the surrounding landscape, too. Plant shrubs and trees intentionally, providing a natural barrier that helps reduce glare while still allowing natural light in.  

When it is not feasible to incorporate natural light into a space, seek out artificial options, light fixtures, and bulbs that imitate the natural light from the sun.   

Bulbs for the Office 

Depending on the size of your workplace, fluorescent bulbs are a popular choice, but LED is going to provide a better, more natural illumination. Some advantages of going with LED for your office lighting needs include:  

  • Use less energy to illuminate. 
  • Costs less to operate. 
  • Have a longer life. 
  • No infrared radiation. 
  • Requires less replacement and labor.  
  • No headaches among those with light sensitivity. 
  • Have dimming capabilities.   

Making the switch to LED may cost a little more upfront than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, but you will save money over time in replacement and energy bills.  

More Office Lighting Tips 

Illuminate your workspace with care and attention. Use these office lighting tips:  

  • Consider the placement of computers and screens in your workspace before changing or implementing new lighting types at your worksite. Computers create glare, which you can diffuse with the right lighting solution.  
  • Provide each of your staff task lights to give them an up-close-and-personal illumination on their project or job.  
  • Open windows, raise shades, and get as much natural light in as you can.  
  • To energize your team, use cool, blue lights at work. Use warm, yellow lighting in break areas for a soothing respite.  

Investing in healthful lighting solutions creates a better work environment, which fosters productivity. Improved performance could equate to more revenues for businesses!  

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