Great and Easy Updates for Your Office

By December 11, 2019 December 23rd, 2019 Office Design

Are you thinking about a remodel office project? While a bigger space may be necessary for a growing company, sometimes making the existing space better, more efficient and more appealing is a great way to go, with an attractive payback.

The Benefits of a Renovation

Consider these renovation benefits for your remodel office endeavor:

  • Enhance employee satisfaction and happiness.
  • Improve the company’s image and leverage branding efforts.
  • Create a stronger company culture.
  • Achieve added work productivity and efficiency.
  • Attract added business.  

Bottom line, neither boring nor ineffective office spaces make sense in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Questions to Ask When Planning an Office Update

Ask yourself these questions as you plan the remodel office work:

  • How much space do I really need, and can I use the space I have more effectively?
  • How do I provide enough privacy space while also improving camaraderie and communication?
  • How do I consider some amount of travel and working from home?
  • How much space flexibility needs to be built in?
  • What do I want the entire office area to communicate about the company?
  • Are there changes of employee behavior that I want to encourage?
  • Do I have adequate space for employees to socialize and relax?  

Great and Easy Updates for Your Office

Increase natural lighting by investing in some new or larger exterior windows.

Improve interior lighting, to brighten the workspace to create a livelier and more appealing environment.

Build a white board or community wall for posting ideas and working together on concepts.

Add some bright colors to add energy.

Provide more room for people to move about and congregate as needed.

Create a lounge area for relaxing and mingling.

Improve the kitchen space.

Consider adding an employee gym or workout area. Perhaps a games area as well.

Enhance all technology aspects.

Provide some common rooms for meetings that facilitate cooperative work. Balance the need for working together with privacy and effective working alone.  

Seek Commercial Construction You Can Count On

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