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Get Help with Your Office Construction Planning

Construction Planning

Construction PlanningNew construction can be one of the most exciting times of expansion, and at the same time one of the most stressful parts of starting a new venture or taking your business to the next level.  Construction planning is always a complicated process because it has to take your project all the way from a dream to occupancy.  That includes everything from space design and maximization through framing, drywall, painting, finishing and furniture.  All of these details get even more confused when each step needs to be done by a different contractor, each piece of material needs to be found in a different place and you have dozens of legal hoops to jump through.

The other important thing to think about as you go through your construction planning process for your office is that in this case, time really is money.  From the start of your project you will have your capital tied up in land purchases, down payments, and other expenses associated with permits or anything else you need for your build.  That money will be tied up and not helping your business or earning you a return until your construction project is complete and your office space is ready to be occupied.  Making sure you have a well thought out plan before you commit capital to your project can help save you an extraordinary amount of time and consequently money.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your office construction planning is efficient in getting your office up the way you want as fast as possible.  First, start by making sure you have all your permits and legal paper work taken care of before you get started.  Making sure you have the right permits, at all levels of government that are required as well as checking to make sure your plans are in compliance with EPA and other government regulations.  Once you have that taken care you can start with the planning steps.  Whether you choose to hire an architect or a space planner, you need to know what you are building before you can order materials or hire labor.  Make sure the architect or planner you use is able to give you a set of drawings and plans you can use to work from.

Once you’ve got all that taken care of you can move onto acquiring materials and braking ground.  Depending on who you hire to complete the work you may have more or less responsibility in this area.  Make sure you choose your materials and labor wisely.  Inexpensive materials and help may save you money now, but cost more in the long run.  Make sure to get references and look at their prior work before choosing a company to help you with any part of your construction.

Once your structure is up don’t forget that you still have to choose paint and trim colors, wall coverings, furniture and decorations.  In this step it may be worth hiring an interior designer to help you coordinate colors and styles to make sure you get the full rental value for your new space, or so your employees will be comfortable in their new offices.  For some quick tips on decorating your office, check out this article for office decorating tips.  Last, don’t forget to setup long term maintenance for both the interior and exterior of your building to ensure it stays looking like new for years to come.

If you’re overwhelmed with the prospect of doing all this yourself, don’t worry.  Carolina Services Inc. is a full service office construction planning company that can help you every step of the way.  From the planning stages to space and efficiency planning to construction, finishing and long term maintenance Carolina Services can help you with as much or as little of your project as you need.  For your information checkout our website to learn more about our commercial construction services.

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