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Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your Charleston Home

fall landscaping ideas

fall landscaping ideasWith the summer winding down, we will begin our slow transition into fall. For most of us that means football and slightly colder weather. It also means that it is time to re-evaluate the shrubs and flowers in our yard. We at Carolina Services understand that this may be a difficult task for some of y’all who are not well versed in the art of landscaping. We have asked our landscaping team to help everyone prepare their yards for fall and some amazing fall landscaping ideas.

Before you start putting together any fall landscaping ideas, first you must make sure your yard is completely prepped for fall and winter. Here is a quick explanation on how to do that. First is to aerate your yard. This will help break up compressed soil so nutrients and water can reach it better. Next, this is the best time to fertilize your grass. Even though the temperature drops outside, it doesn’t mean your grass stops needing food. The roots continue to grow until the ground reaches 40 degrees. When you mow your grass for the last time of the season, make sure you trim it fairly short. Disease and leaves have a harder time sticking to shorter grass. Be sure to also prepare your mower for winter as well. If you have any plants that are already starting to die back for winter, be sure to trim back the branches as needed. This keeps your plants healthy and your home safe. If you happen to have an irrigation system and you don’t plan on using it in the fall or winter, be sure to dry out the lines. One solid freeze and your pipes can burst leaving with you needing to replace them in the spring.

Now onto the fall landscaping ideas. Fall is a fantastic time to bring out your containers and fill them up with colorful plants. This makes it easier in the winter to bring any plants in that might not do well with super cold temperatures. You can stagger the heights of the plants to give everything a multi-dimensional look. Sweet flag is a wonderful idea to add to any container. Similar to a grass, it runs tall and is plain enough to enhance any other flower. Another container idea would be to fill it with either one kind or multiple kinds of ferns. Lastly, you can fill your container with a favorite colorful fall flower. Pansies always brighten up any pot and can usually handle very cold temperatures.

Another in our list of fall landscaping ideas would be trees and shrubs. Late summer and into fall are wonderful times to plant a new tree. One that is gorgeous in the fall is a Japanese maple. The leaves turn the most vibrants shades of orange and even when they are gone, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of the intricate workings of its branches. There are some shrubs out there that offer you something beautiful twice a year. Fothergilla is one such shrub. In the spring it is covered in white flowers and then in the fall the leaves turn a rich shade of sunset orange.

This is only a handful of our fall landscaping ideas. If you ever need any help coming up with landscaping ideas in any season or need help maintaining your property, please contact our helpful staff at Carolina Services and Carolina Services Landscaping today.

Photo by: Kenny Louie