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eCommerce Trends to Watch for 2021

By January 15, 2021March 25th, 2022Uncategorized
Man using ecommerce to purchase goods online

Businesses around the world were understandably caught off guard in 2020. No one expected that a global pandemic would threaten the health and safety of so many people and change the way we do business. 

In the midst of these events, consumers have shifted the way they buy products, and many businesses have pivoted to online sales. The eCommerce industry has seen a tremendous surge over the past year in terms of buyers, sellers, and overall revenue. 

Experts expect the changes to continue in the coming year. Whether you’re new to eCommerce or have plenty of experience in the space, it helps to know what to expect. Here are some of the top eCommerce trends to watch for 2021. 

1. Personalization in eCommerce Makes a Difference

 A generic eCommerce experience no longer satisfies consumers. Amazon has ruined it for everyone else with features like product recommendations and complementary products. 

Technology has made a more personalized experience possible, and eCommerce businesses can take advantage of a variety of tools to provide a better customer experience. A few examples include chatbots to guide users and retargeting ads to remind consumers about deals.

2. Subscription eCommerce is Commonplace

It can be tough to scale your eCommerce business if you only have single orders or one-time buyers. A growing trend in this industry involves adopting a subscription model that benefits both businesses and consumers. 

With a subscription model, sellers can get more frequent orders, and customers get the benefit of discounts and brands they get to know and trust. The model also helps sellers predict sales and have more accurate order fulfillment. 

3. PWAs Provides a Popular App-Like Experience

When consumers are asked to install a separate mobile app to make a purchase, this can interrupt the customer journey and reduce sales. The answer is something called Progress Web Apps (PWAs). 

PWAs are websites that resemble an app experience but don’t require a consumer to download anything or stop their journey. In addition to the seamless experience, PWAs also offer fast page load speeds, simple automated updates, and easy push notifications. 

4. eCommerce Integration Creates Efficiencies

When you sell online, there are a lot of moving parts. Your eCommerce business depends on a variety of platforms and tools, and coordinating all of these can be challenging. One of the growing trends in eCommerce is to use a tool that integrates all of these platforms to achieve more efficiencies. 

For example, you can integrate social media with your eCommerce system to increase your exposure. Your business can also find an ERP solution that integrates with your eCommerce platform to deliver different business management solutions from a centralized location. 

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