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Construction Solutions for your Residential and Commercial Properties

Construction Solutions

Being a home or business owner entails a huge set of concerns about the integrity of your building. Some property owners find themselves limited or financially burdened by their building’s faulty construction and poorly planned space. Fortunately, most problems can be remedied by an experienced and capable construction and design team. To help address your property issues, we at Carolina Services have composed this list of common residential and commercial property problems and their construction solutions.

Problem: High Energy Bill

Solution: Better Insulation

Today, many businesses and private home owners are opting for the use of more energy-efficient appliances to help lower energy costs. The most effective way, however, to take a bite out of your energy bill is to improve your building’s insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 44% of the average American household’s energy bill is due to heating and cooling, and choosing a more efficient air conditioning unit is only addressing part of the problem. It is crucial to properly insulate your home according to the R-value (the measure of thermal resistance) best suited for your climate. Many building owners overlook installing adequate insulation in non-living areas such as the attic and crawl space, making it more difficult for their building to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Problem: Disorganization and Clutter

Solution: Custom Cabinetry

No office can perform at its full potential, and no home can be totally safe and inviting, when spaces are over filled and objects are without a home. Many individuals simply use inexpensive shelving units as a quick fix, but these often have a cheap appearance and are not designed to meet your specific needs. For a more elegant and professional look, consider having custom cabinets installed. This construction solution also allows you to determine exactly what your storage needs are and cater the cabinet to use space as advantageously as possible.

Problem: Exposed Duct Work, Excess Noise

Solution: Acoustical Ceiling

Many office spaces have exposed air conditioning ducts. While some businesses decide to use this as part of an in industrial inspired interior design, others feel it makes their space looks unfinished and unprofessional. Acoustic ceiling tiles can be installed beneath exposed ducts to mask them, and of course they also help absorb the sound in a busy work environment.

Problem: Family Outgrowing Space

Solution: Adding On To Your Home

As families grow in number and age, they often find what was plenty of room before feels cramped and restricting. Before you begin hunting for a new home, however, consider an add-on. This construction solution shouldn’t be limited to an extra bedroom – many families find adding a second living space helps keep the peace between siblings and an extra bathroom prevents fights over who gets to shower first. Adding on also saves you the stress of buying a new home, selling your current one, and trying to pack and unpack all your belongings.

At Carolina Services, we offer a range of constructions services from drywall installation to metal framing and civil designing. No matter what size the task, we are ready to help make your space beautiful and functional. Contact us today to learn more about our building and maintenance services!