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Commercial Landscaping Tips

Commercial Landscaping Tips

The benefits of landscaping your commercial space can’t be overstated. A well landscaped building can draw the attention of new potential clients and customers, it can attest to the durability, dedication, and attention to detail of your business, and it can improve the attitude and productivity of your employees. Accomplishing all this takes more than planting a few bushes and keeping the turf well trimmed; it requires careful design and maintenance. To help you consider the aspects and advantages of commercial landscaping, we at Carolina Services Inc have composed these tips – and we are proud to offer the high quality landscaping services that can make your commercial space stand out.

Use Color

  • Bright flowers instantly attract the eye – use that to your advantage! Placing vibrant flowers near the entryway of your business or around the business’ signage can draw in new customers who may not have otherwise noticed your establishment.
  • Your business’ logo is the identifying element, the symbol that hopefully makes customers recall your business. Why not incorporate the colors of that logo into your landscaping? You can subtly reinforce your brand and make your logo more memorable by mirroring its colors in the flowers, hardscaping, and even the lighting of your landscape.

Provide Protection

  • Most modern offices contain several expensive computers and hi-tech tools that could be attractive to potential burglars. Strategically placing shrubs near first floor windows can help obscure the view of your valuables from the outside world. It can also provide privacy to buildings where confidentiality is important, such as a law firm or a doctor’s office.
  • Commercial landscaping can lower the energy costs of a building, too! Use trees and tall shrubs to provide shade to your building. Deciduous trees that shade the air conditioning unit work well to reduce cooling expenses, and as they lose their leaves in the cooler months will not block natural light from helping to warm your building.

Consider the Costs

  • You may be tempted to choose exotic plants as a way to make your space stand out, but non-indigenous plants often require more care to thrive and are more expensive than local varieties. Healthy local plants will draw more positive attention than struggling exotics!
  • Grouping plants into hydrozones – that is, placing plants with similar watering needs together – can save you time, money, and prevent soil erosion.
  • Consider hardscaping as an alternative to traditional landscaping. Not only is it eye-catching, but it requires little upkeep and resources to stay beautiful. Mixing hardscaping and softscaping can also prevent soil erosion, and using pebbles in flower beds is not only stylish but can help keep plants thriving in cooler months.

Interested in learning more about commercial or residential landscaping? Contact us today! We offer a full range of landscaping services, including irrigation, lighting, and hardscaping. Let our experience and dedication create an inviting atmosphere for your home or office.

Photo Courtesy of: gcmenezes