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Commercial Interior Decorating Ideas

office interior

office interiorDecorating the interior of your commercial space has a lot to do with your taste, the area your office or retail space is in and what type of clients you expect to have.  Unless you’ve been decorating and up fitting commercial space for a long time, you might not even know what your tastes are!  One of the best ways to start your commercial interior design process is to check out some other amazing spaces to see what you like, what you don’t like, and help you start dreaming.  For starters, check out this gallery of the 25 best office spaces.

Decorating your office space today has less to do with matching colors and picking some inspiring phrases to put on a banner and more to do with creating functional space that will bring out creativity and collaboration rather than stifling it and putting your employees to sleep.

First, let’s talk about your flooring choice.  Flooring isn’t always part of the interior decorator’s responsibility but it’s the starting point for a comfortable and functional office.  Having hard floor can be inexpensive and last a long time, but commercial grade carpet has come a long way in durability and can really help make your commercial space much more comfortable.  One of the main benefits of commercial carpeting, besides being comfortable, is its acoustic and sound deadening qualities.  In an office designed for collaboration it’s important to help keep the noise down.

When you’re looking for wall hangings, remember there is no reason your space can’t be beautiful.  Consider art with bright colors to help your space feel alive and to help daylight to be maximized.  Also, most people feel better when they don’t just feel cramped and closed in an office space all day.  Consider bring the outdoors in through the use of wall art, floor plants and greenery.

Now that you’ve got your space feeling bright, welcoming and natural, we can start thinking about the furniture of the office.  There is no reason that your desks, counters and meeting spaces have to be ugly or bland.  Consider purchasing furniture that itself will help your space feel modern and beautiful rather than just functional.  Don’t require everything to be uniform, but allow different department’s needs to be expressed through their furniture choice.  Someone who is going to spend 5 hours every day on the phone should have a much different work station than someone who is on the road 3 days a week.  Allow for differences in job description to lead to differences in work space.  Make sure that employees who are expected to be creative are setup for success.  Design trends today range from shared offices and desk space, to having office gardens or office pets.  Allowing your employees to bring in items from home can really help them take ownership of their space and their work.  For more ideas on how to encourage creativity, you can check out this article with 10 tips to encourage creativity in your office.

The last bit of functional advice we have for your commercial interior design project is to encourage movement through wireless and mobile options.  Don’t make it a requirement for anyone to be tied to one space or one desk by wires.  With today’s technology almost everything can be done wirelessly if you start by installing the right hardware in your office.  The freedom to move and bring their work with them will give your employees the chance to find the perfect environment to work in increasing their creativity and productivity.

For more commercial interior decorating ideas, give Carolina Services Inc. a call.  Carolina Services Inc. is a full service engineering and design firm ready to help you with your new construction or remodeling project all the way from dreaming through design, to final construction.  You can visit us online to learn more about our commercial interior design services, or call us at 843-566-0656.

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