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A facility update for your congregation.

At Carolina Services, we believe there is the need and requirement to follow a detailed and sequential process in order for facility expansion programs to be as frugal as possible. We have vast experience in managing the renovation and remodeling of churches, chapels and parishes. Renovations and remodeling require a delicate balance of getting the job done correctly and to the expectations of the renovation committee while doing our best not to disrupt the services and day to day worship of the church. Strategic planning for your church involves navigating a narrow path between a business-based processes and the greater importance of God’s will for our lives as a church and as individuals.

Efficient Construction

Our goal for restoration projects it to begin with the end result in mind: giving you, our customer, the most beautiful church, parish, chapel or place of worship that we can while keeping the costs to reasonable means.

We walk through the step-by-step approach below with each of our clients to break down the process into phases and keep all parties on the same page and happy.

Planning phase includes:

  • Defining the church leadership’s vision and goals
  • Gathering data to determine current and future profiles of the church
  • Understanding existing facility usage and capacity
  • Analysis and alignment of the gathered data
  • Prioritizing and planning for vision advancement.