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Choosing a Location and Style for Your Business

By February 28, 2021March 24th, 2022Commercial Space, Office Design, Space Planning
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At some point, every business owner has to consider new office space for their company. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space, are moving in a different direction and need something different, or are a startup that wants to display a more professional presence, new office spaces are just part of the typical business lifecycle. 

But just because moving into a new space is normal, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some thought. When you look for office space, you need to consider your organization’s priorities and how that space can help you achieve your goals. If you’re planning a move, here are several things to consider when it comes to the location and style of your space. 

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Location

1 .Convience

Just as the location of your home is essential, so is the location of your office. It should be convenient to a number of parties, including yourself, your customers, employees, and suppliers. 

If your location is not convenient, it could impact your business’ reputation as well as how much you have to pay employees to entice them to travel to a location and work for you. Some companies also spend a significant amount on traffic studies to learn how much revenue they can expect to generate based on a business’s location. 

2. The Size of Your Company

The next factor to consider is the size of your business. Not having enough space to conduct operations might save you some cash in one spot, but it is likely to impact morale and productivity. 

Not only do you need to ensure you have enough space for your team, but you also need to consider short and long-term growth. Do you plan to expand your operations in the near term? If so, you might want office space with flexible leasing terms that will allow you to increase as you grow. 

3. The Office’s Environment and Style

Finally, the style or environment of the space is another vital factor that you should think about. No one wants to work in a dark and dated office that reminds them of a ’70s sitcom. 

Think about how the space you view will impact your team and reflect the culture that you want to create. And, remember, if you don’t like the style of a space, this is the easiest thing to change. You can update it with paint, new flooring, lighting, and furniture, to make an ideal office environment to meet your needs for years to come. 

Need Help Choosing a Location for Your Business in Charleston?

Finding the perfect location for your business can be challenging. Whether you’re ready to finally get the professional space you need or just require a change, Carolina Services Inc. (CSI) can help. 

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