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Charleston, SC Economic Growth Brings Need for Increased Commercial Construction

Charleston, SC Economic Growth

Charleston, SC has long been a city that has attracted new residents, but recently it has been growing at a much faster rate, and experts predict that this growth is only going to increase. The New York Times referred to Charleston in this season as “enjoying a robust economy and one of the most transformative regional population booms since the Civil War.” And the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce is also predicting a very positive economic turn for the area, with economist Frank Hefner declaring the years that come to be full of opportunity for the area.

Charleston, SC Economic Growth Rises Steadily

Much of this new growth is coming from the fact that Charleston, SC economic growth continues to rise steadily. The Post & Courier reports that there are an estimated 25,000 new jobs coming to the Charleston, SC area over the next five years, claiming that approximately 5,000 of those new jobs will come in 2015 and 2016. “When a conservative economist is saying that things are optimistic, that’s a pretty good sign that 2015 is going to be a good year for Charleston,” said Mary Graham, chief advancement officer for the chamber, according to the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

Increased Growth Requires Increased Commercial Construction

Charleston, SC economic growth brings an increased need for more activity, both in residential and commercial construction Some say that a solution to this need for space lies in bifurcated spaces while others want to see tall multi-family units built near employment hubs. Many are hoping for buildings to echo the classic Charleston feel while others would prefer a more modern approach to the new architectural structures.

Strategic Design and Planning is Crucial for New Spaces

Regardless of the type of space that is being built, planning and designing the space well from the beginning is of the utmost importance. Carolina Services inc. commercial contractors have been working in the Charleston, SC area for close to 30 years and has the experience you need in planning and designing new and updated spaces.

Founded in 1976, Carolina Services Inc. (CSI) is Charleston’s premier commercial contractor for space planning and improvement. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the highest quality construction solutions that are on time and within budget. Contact us today to see how CSI can help design, manage and implement innovative and cost effective solutions for your commercial space.