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church restoration

church restorationCharleston, South Carolina is rich in so many different many different things from history, to architectural design to culture.  The beauty of the area is due largely to the preservation of both its natural surroundings and its historic buildings.  Some of the most stunning architectural pieces in the Charleston area are the churches.  Charleston is actually known as the “Holy City” due in large part to the number of churches in the area and its early religious tolerance.

Weather your church has been around for 10 years or for more than 300 years like some of Charleston’s oldest churches, the building you meet in is a special place.  Your church sanctuary is home to some of the most precious moments in the lives of those who attend there.  Like any building, the occasional maintenance both major and minor, must be performed to keep your church functional, beautiful and safe.  But, unlike most buildings, any changes done to a church building carry with them more weight and responsibility.

When you’re considering renovation or restoration to a church there are a lot of things to consider.  First, the budget is very important, as overages in many cases are unacceptable.  You also need to consider the opinions of your long time members who deserve to have their traditions preserved as your church grows and changes.  Lastly, your new space needs to be one that is used to help glorify God and bring His people together.  Putting all these pieces of church restoration together takes a team with experience and sensitivity to all these issues.

Carolina Services Inc. is your number one resource for church restoration and renovations in Charleston.  Carolina Services understands the balance between making business minded decisions while always considering the greater importance of God’s will for your church and congregation.  We have a proven step by step approach to help your church walk through your restoration or renovation keeping everyone on the same page and your whole project on budget.

church restorationWe start by working with your church’s leadership to thoroughly understand the vision and goals for your church.  Every church is a growing and changing body and we want to understand where your church is headed so we can help you’re building be prepared to serve you.  Next, we will gather data to understand how the space your church currently has is used.  Current usage statistics can help us get an accurate picture of what you already have and how much more space you will need to fulfill your church’s vision and goals.  We then will take the data we’ve gathered about your church and its future and present a prioritized plan for restoring your current space or creating new space to help it meet your congregation’s needs, both present and future.

Our overarching goal in this whole process is to make sure you end up with the most beautiful building at the lowest cost that will allow your congregation to continue to worship without distraction.  At Carolina Services Inc. we understand that your construction process is different than others and will require more communication, planning and discretion.

When you are ready to start the conversation on your church restoration project, give us a call at 843-566-0656 to get started on the right foot.  For more information, you can also visit the church restoration page on our website.

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