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office floor plan

Should I Change My Office Floor Plan?

By Design, Space Planning, Trim Work

Do you remember back to when you were a child?  Rearranging your bedroom was one of the most exciting ways for you to feel like everything was new again.  Do you remember the first time your family moved and you got a whole new bedroom?  Having something new, even if it is filled with old familiar things can often bring those old usual tools and pieces of furniture back to life again.  If you’ve ever been part of a fast…

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Office Trim

Upgrade Your Office Interior Trim

By Trim Work

Keeping your office space up to date is an important part of running your business.  Whether it is office space you own, or space you lease out, keeping it looking its best is an important part of maintaining your space.  As styles change and decorations collect dust, keeping things updated can get difficult.  Big renovations or remodels also can be significant cost expenses and end up looking like more of an expensive face lift. If you are looking into adding…

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tips for painting trim

6 Great Tips for Painting Trim

By Painting, Prepping, Trim Work

A quick and easy way to give your house an updated look is paint. Painting is a job that virtually anyone can do which makes it easy on your wallet. When thinking about painting a portion of your house, one part that can be easily over looked is your trim. Trim is something that can subtly highlight your home or you can paint it in a bold complimentary color for an instant wow factor. When choosing a paint, make sure…

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Modern Door Trim Ideas

By Design, Framing, Trim Work

When designing and decorating a space the key to creating a cohesive look is focusing on the details.  One of the most overlooked elements in a room is the door trim – but when given the proper attention, carefully selected trim can be the detail that pulls the room together. This is especially true when attempting a modern design, where minimalism and clean lines define the style. To help you update your space and accomplish an attractive, contemporary feel, Carolina…

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