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space planning and design

Three Considerations for Your Office Space Planning and Design

By Commercial Space, Space Planning

Proper space planning and design are crucial when building a new space or remodeling a current one. The planning and design experts at Carolina Services, Inc. recommend that you think through the following questions before getting started on your next project. What statement do I want my office space planning and design to make about my company? Regardless of whether you want it to or not, your office space design speaks volumes about your company. Your office’s design is a…

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Charleston, SC Economic Growth

Port Increases Generate Charleston, SC Economic Growth

By Commercial Space, Economic Growth, Space Planning

After several years of repeated volume growth, Charleston, SC’s port increased its container volume by 14% during the 2015 fiscal year. This is a near-record level for the SC port. And, Charleston’s Post & Courier reports, more contracts with container ships have been made for the year ahead. Middle Eastern companies, such as the United Arab Shipping Company, as well as Asian companies have struck new partnerships with the Charleston port, allowing even more revenue to stream into the Lowcountry….

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Charleston, SC Economic Growth

Charleston, SC Economic Growth Brings Need for Increased Commercial Construction

By Commercial Space, Construction, Economic Growth, Space Planning

Charleston, SC has long been a city that has attracted new residents, but recently it has been growing at a much faster rate, and experts predict that this growth is only going to increase. The New York Times referred to Charleston in this season as “enjoying a robust economy and one of the most transformative regional population booms since the Civil War.” And the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce is also predicting a very positive economic turn for the area,…

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office floor plan

Should I Change My Office Floor Plan?

By Design, Space Planning, Trim Work

Do you remember back to when you were a child?  Rearranging your bedroom was one of the most exciting ways for you to feel like everything was new again.  Do you remember the first time your family moved and you got a whole new bedroom?  Having something new, even if it is filled with old familiar things can often bring those old usual tools and pieces of furniture back to life again.  If you’ve ever been part of a fast…

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commerical remodeling

Best Commercial Remodeling Contractors

By Commercial Space, Construction, Prepping, Space Planning

Choosing the best commercial remodeling contractor is a big decision.  Unfortunately it isn’t something you can just ask for advice, read a few reviews and be sure of your decision.  Each commercial remodeling project can vary widely on scope, budget, quality of work and what your needs are.  Some commercial contractors may be excellent at keeping the price down and may come highly recommended but the compromises they make to keep costs low may not be appropriate for your line…

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interior architect

Do I need an Interior Architect?

By Design, Space Planning

Looking for an interior architect can be a difficult task.  Hiring the right person for that job is an important part of your building project and crucial to making sure your space turns out just the way you want it.  Especially when it comes to office space or retail space, you need to make sure your business’ personality and priorities are embodied in the look and feel of your new space. The best way to decide if an architect or…

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getting organized

Getting Organized in Your Office

By Space Planning

This time of year everyone is thinking about spring cleaning!  As the weather warms up and the days get longer, it can be easy to start to realize how much clutter and dust has accumulated over the winter.  Clutter is one of those things that is a natural byproduct of most homes and offices no matter how good you are at keeping things clean.  When it comes to your office, clutter and disorganization is also one of those things that…

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Open Commercial Floor Plans

By Commercial Space, Construction, Space Planning

Designing a commercial space can be both exciting and a great challenge.  It can be very exciting because designing new commercial spaces either means your company is growing, or you’re upgrading a property that you own to helpfully gain more revenue.  Either of these times can be exciting for your business!  But like anything in business, you want to make sure that you’re get the best return on your investment.  Upgrading or remodeling commercial space can be a huge investment…

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Do You Need a Space Planner?

By Space Planning

Building and renovating a new space can be one of the most exciting times for you and your business.  You are starting with a clean slate and have the opportunity to reinvent your business and create a space where your employees, clients or customers can be comfortable and be impressed.  The challenge comes in how you can go about turning your dreams into reality. The truth is many of us can use help dreaming as well.  You manage or own…

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how to remove wallpaper

4 Things To Know on How to Remove Wallpaper

By Design, Prepping, Space Planning

Looking around your house you realize that you need a change. You might not be able to put your finger on exactly what needs to change you just realize that something does. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks one day, it’s the walls. During sometime in your decorating life you decided that wallpaper would be a fantastic idea for your home. For some, this decision is something that we love and sticks with us for the lifetime…

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