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Space Planning

Ideas on how to use extra office space

Sensible Strategies to Put Your Extra Office Space to Use  

By Space Planning

Have more room than your workspace needs? If you have extra office space or a spare office, consider ways to utilize and optimize this asset.   Consider these sensible strategies to put extra office space to use at your workplace:  An After-Hours Venue   Is your office space in an area that would facilitate after-hour meetups or groups? Promoting the office as a venue for a variety of events can provide exposure to your business, while also bringing in prospective customers, new talent, and…

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Cluttered desk office needs more space

5 Ways to Determine If Your Office Needs More Space

By Space Planning

When an office needs more space, it can impact productivity. However, too much office space can also cause issues related to the costs of waste. So, how do you configure and decide if it is time to grow?   Here are 5 tips for determining if your office needs more space:  1. Determine who in the office needs more space  Who needs more room in your workplace? Listen to staff suggestions, concerns, and complaints when trying to figure out who needs more space….

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Employees working socializing office space

How Much Office Space Do You Need?

By Space Planning

When configuring and planning your workplace, how much office space do you need? Naturally, there are many factors that come into play- and your needs are contingent on your industry, size of staff, and more. Too little space may hamper productivity, while too much space can be costly. When it comes to finding and designing a functional and productive space, here is what you should know:  Workspace  When you consider your office options, it is important to know the square footage. Typically, the…

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two warehouse workers discussing supply shortages

Supply Shortages? You Can Still Completing Office Renovations

By Construction, Space Planning

Now that much of the country is getting back to in-person work after the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of companies are looking to make changes to their office spaces. Some companies have chosen to update their spaces, and others have decided that a full renovation is in order.  But there are new challenges in place for the commercial construction and renovation sector that could impact these plans. So far this year, we’ve seen volatile pricing for materials, an uncertain…

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hanging plants in office space

Healthy and Clean Air in Your Office Space

By Construction, Installation, Space Planning

Since we spend roughly 90 percent of our time indoors, having clean air matters. Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the “quality” of the air in your office’s indoor space. More specifically, you want your office to be free of pollutants and materials that float freely throughout the building, which might cause significant harm to both occupants and your business.  How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Productivity There is an established link between clean offices and higher cognitive functioning. In short, this means that having…

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man stretching arm in office

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Office

By Design, Office Design, Space Planning

===As a business owner, you probably have a long list of goals. Chief among them will be things like maximizing productivity, cutting costs, improving product quality, and treating your staff well.  What if you could achieve all of these goals by making an ergonomic office one of your top priorities? When you look at the many benefits of integrating ergonomics in your workspace, you’ll discover why these initiatives have so much value.  Here is what you need to know about…

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coworkers as office location

Choosing a Location and Style for Your Business

By Commercial Space, Office Design, Space Planning

At some point, every business owner has to consider new office space for their company. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space, are moving in a different direction and need something different, or are a startup that wants to display a more professional presence, new office spaces are just part of the typical business lifecycle.  But just because moving into a new space is normal, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some thought. When you look for office space, you…

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natural stone tub, and countertop in bathroom

Can You Use Natural Stone in a Bathroom?

By Design, Space Planning

For centuries, natural stone materials like marble, slate, and granite have symbolized power and wealth when used in construction and interior spaces. Only the wealthiest citizens in ancient Greece, Italy, and Persia could afford to have a craftsman mine, transport, cut, and install these materials in a building.  While stone is more accessible today, it’s still considered a high-end building material. If you want to give the bathroom in your commercial space a look and feel that will be unforgettable…

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Man increasing curb appeal by landscaping

Increase Your Business’s Curb Appeal

By Landscaping, Office Design, Space Planning

As a commercial business, one of your goals is likely to keep vacancies filled and your turnover rate as low as possible. What many property owners fail to realize is that both potential and current tenants are judging your property based on its exterior condition as well as its location, cost, and amenities.  If your building has zero curb appeal, tenants won’t want to sign or keep a lease for several reasons. They might wonder what you are neglecting inside…

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safe office workspace cleaning supplies

Keeping Your Distance to Create a Safe Workspace

By Office Design, Space Planning

No one was prepared for the changes that 2020 has brought thanks to COVID-19. A global pandemic has made an entire host of changes necessary to create a safe workspace for employees and customers. But, change isn’t easy, particularly when it’s sudden and unexpected. If your company hasn’t completely integrated back into the office yet, you might be struggling with ways to do this effectively. Here are some tips for social distancing at work to create a safe workplace.  Set…

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