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workspace renovations

Renovations to Make for a Healthier Workspace

By Commercial Space, Office Design, Prepping

With a COVID-19 vaccine available and light at the end of the end tunnel finally visible, many businesses are considering their options for a healthy and safe return to work for their staff. But the threat of COVID-19, and even future pandemics, remains a concern, so companies must remain vigilant and think about the health and safety of both employees and customers in their workspace.  Some safety measures go beyond furnishing hand sanitizer and moving desks further apart than normal….

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commerical remodeling

Best Commercial Remodeling Contractors

By Commercial Space, Construction, Prepping, Space Planning

Choosing the best commercial remodeling contractor is a big decision.  Unfortunately it isn’t something you can just ask for advice, read a few reviews and be sure of your decision.  Each commercial remodeling project can vary widely on scope, budget, quality of work and what your needs are.  Some commercial contractors may be excellent at keeping the price down and may come highly recommended but the compromises they make to keep costs low may not be appropriate for your line…

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how to remove wallpaper

4 Things To Know on How to Remove Wallpaper

By Design, Prepping, Space Planning

Looking around your house you realize that you need a change. You might not be able to put your finger on exactly what needs to change you just realize that something does. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks one day, it’s the walls. During sometime in your decorating life you decided that wallpaper would be a fantastic idea for your home. For some, this decision is something that we love and sticks with us for the lifetime…

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fall landscaping ideas

Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your Charleston Home

By Installation, Landscaping, Prepping

With the summer winding down, we will begin our slow transition into fall. For most of us that means football and slightly colder weather. It also means that it is time to re-evaluate the shrubs and flowers in our yard. We at Carolina Services understand that this may be a difficult task for some of y’all who are not well versed in the art of landscaping. We have asked our landscaping team to help everyone prepare their yards for fall…

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tips for painting trim

6 Great Tips for Painting Trim

By Painting, Prepping, Trim Work

A quick and easy way to give your house an updated look is paint. Painting is a job that virtually anyone can do which makes it easy on your wallet. When thinking about painting a portion of your house, one part that can be easily over looked is your trim. Trim is something that can subtly highlight your home or you can paint it in a bold complimentary color for an instant wow factor. When choosing a paint, make sure…

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How to Prep for Painting

How to Prep for Painting

By Painting, Prepping, Uncategorized

There may be no quicker way to give new life to a room than repainting. A professional looking coat of paint transforms a worn and outdated space into a fresh environment. In order to get that professional appearance, however, it is essential to prepare properly. Before you pry the lid off that paint can, be sure to check over the Carolina Services Inc tips on how to prep for painting. 1. Removing Furniture and Fixtures Begin by moving all lighter…

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