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Choosing Location and Style for Your Business

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At some point, every business owner has to consider new office space for their company. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space, are moving in a different direction and need something different, or are a startup that wants to display a more professional presence, new office spaces are just part of the typical business lifecycle.  But just because moving into a new space is normal, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some thought. When you look for office space, you…

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Office interior design

Our Office Needs a Face Lift

By Design, Office Design

Good office space designs incorporate a combination of functionality and aesthetics to inspire workers. When you design your office, it’s important to think about its utility first. But forgetting about the other elements can impact the productivity of your workforce.  The average full-time employee spends about 1,800 hours annually at work. According to one study, nearly half (46%) of professionals claim that their workspace heavily impacts their productivity. In other words, the interior design of your office can be a…

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Increase Your Business’s Curb Appeal

By Landscaping, Office Design, Space Planning

As a commercial business, one of your goals is likely to keep vacancies filled and your turnover rate as low as possible. What many property owners fail to realize is that both potential and current tenants are judging your property based on its exterior condition as well as its location, cost, and amenities.  If your building has zero curb appeal, tenants won’t want to sign or keep a lease for several reasons. They might wonder what you are neglecting inside…

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Keeping Your Distance to Create a Safe Workspace

By Office Design, Space Planning

No one was prepared for the changes that 2020 has brought thanks to COVID-19. A global pandemic has made an entire host of changes in the workplace necessary to keep both workers and customers safe.  But, change isn’t easy, particularly when it’s sudden and unexpected. If your company hasn’t completely integrated back into the office yet, you might be struggling with ways to do this effectively. Here are some tips for social distancing at work to create a safe workplace. …

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Laminate vs. Tile

By Construction, Design, Installation, Office Design, Space Planning

Floor coverings have come a long way over the past several years, which is exciting news for your commercial space. Laminate flooring and tile flooring are two types of floors used by many businesses. They have a different look and style, and one might meet your needs more than another.  Choosing a floor for your business can be tough without all of the information. Here is what you need to know about the similarities and differences between laminate and tile…

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CSI - How to Use Office Space Efficiently

How to Use Your Office Space More Efficiently

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The nature of how work is accomplished has changed drastically over recent years. More workers either get things done from home or find that they are increasingly productive in different work settings than those provided. If companies aren’t collecting and analyzing data about how their workforce is using office space, there’s a good chance that efficiency and money are being sacrificed.  Why You Should Understand How Your Office Space is Used We live in an age where there is an…

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Great and Easy Updates for Your Office

By Office Design

Are you thinking about a remodel office project? While a bigger space may be necessary for a growing company, sometimes making the existing space better, more efficient and more appealing is a great way to go, with an attractive payback. The Benefits of a Renovation Consider these renovation benefits for your remodel office endeavor: Enhance employee satisfaction and happiness. Improve the company’s image and leverage branding efforts. Create a stronger company culture. Achieve added work productivity and efficiency. Attract added…

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The Challenge of Designing Office Space for Five Generations of Workers

The Challenge of Designing Office Space for Five Generations of Workers

By Office Design, Uncategorized

“Space: the final frontier.” You may remember these words used at the end of the Star Trek film series. While that expression served well to summarize the great adventures of the starship Enterprise and its intrepid crew, it may also have some application to business today. Space, office space that is, now offers new challenges for business leaders. While it is not the “final frontier,” office space faces a new frontier due to changing worker demographics. Today, workers are living…

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Why Is Office Space Layout Important to Employee's Health and Well-Being?

Why Is Office Space Layout Important to Employee’s Health and Well-Being?

By Charleston SC, Commercial Space, Design, Office Design

The space in which employees work and spend their time can have a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing, even going so far as to affect their outlook on life and their productivity. As an employer who’s seeking to maximize productivity and employ a happy workforce, office space layout isn’t something that should be overlooked. Consider the following about the relationships between space and layout and productivity, health, and happiness. Poor Conditions Lead to Unhappier, Less Productive Employees Time and…

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Innovative Office Designs Shaped by Millennial Generation

Innovative Office Designs Shaped by Millennial Generation

By Commercial Space, Office Design

The millennial generation comprises up to one-third of the world’s population of employees and is the largest demographic of workers in the U.S. labor market. This new generation of office workers have unique sensibilities and values, and office design is increasing reflecting these values across the globe. Office Space Layouts are Changing  The dense cubicles typical of corporate office space during the last 50 years are now being replaced with new innovative floor space. The cubicle cells are often associated by…

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