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Employees working out gym in your office

Should You Have a Gym in Your Office?  

By Office Design

So, should you have a gym in your office? Answers typically rely on weighing out the benefits of an on-site gym to the costs of implementation. While the perks of a gym are compelling, is it right for your distinct business or company? Only you can be the judge of that, but here are a few advantages to consider:  Health and Wellbeing  Who doesn’t want to be healthier? By providing your team with a gym, you are demonstrating that their health and…

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Office space reflect company culture teamwork

Ways to Make Your Office Space Reflect Your Company Culture  

By Office Design

Demonstrate your company’s culture and brand philosophy through your work and office spaces. This may sound tricky, but there are pragmatic and easy ways to send a clear message to prospective customers, clients, and staff regarding the core values of your company. What is important to you? Ask yourself the following questions to make your office space reflect company culture at your place of business:  What are your company values?   Determining your company culture is contingent on your core values. Do you want…

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5 Office Safety Hazards to Avoid  

By Office Design

Keep an eye out for some common office safety hazards that could cause an accident, incident, or injury at work. Make sure your staff, clients, and visitors are safe on your premises by removing hazards and inherent risks that could compromise their well-being.   5 Office Safety Hazards  Be watchful of these hazards and strive to maintain a safe and secure environment for those working or visiting your location:  Falls  Did you know that falls rank as the third highest fatal event in the…

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Office worker unhappy uncomfortable at work employees dislike workspace

What Your Employees Dislike About Their Office Space  

By Office Design

When employees and staff are comfortable and happy, they are more productive, according to industry experts. So, what is it that employees hate about their office space? More importantly, what can you do to improve their satisfaction and increase productivity?   Ergonomics  Sitting at a desk or workstation takes a toll on the body. When desks and chairs are not positioned properly and ergonomically, employees are likely to feel sore, stiff, and fatigued. Give back to those that give to your business by…

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Business office space chairs renovation ideas accent wall

6 Renovation Ideas for Your Business

By Office Design

Is it time to make a change at work? Stay on top of your industry or niche with renovation ideas to update and enhance your business.   Consider these 6 renovation ideas for your business or company:  1. Create Drama  One way to refurbish a space is with a dramatic focal point. This brings something fresh and different to your business, one that many customers may not have seen before. Attract passers-by with a distinctive feature or element, such as:   Accent walls  Fresh staircase…

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man stretching arm in office

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Office

By Design, Office Design, Space Planning

===As a business owner, you probably have a long list of goals. Chief among them will be things like maximizing productivity, cutting costs, improving product quality, and treating your staff well.  What if you could achieve all of these goals by making an ergonomic office one of your top priorities? When you look at the many benefits of integrating ergonomics in your workspace, you’ll discover why these initiatives have so much value.  Here is what you need to know about…

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workspace renovations

Want a Healthier Workspace? Consider These Renovations

By Commercial Space, Office Design, Prepping

With a COVID-19 vaccine available and light at the end of the end tunnel finally visible, many businesses are considering their options for a healthy and safe return to work for their staff. But the threat of COVID-19, and even future pandemics, remains a concern, so companies must remain vigilant and think about the health and safety of both employees and customers in their workspace.  Some safety measures go beyond furnishing hand sanitizer and moving desks further apart than normal….

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coworkers as office location

Choosing a Location and Style for Your Business

By Commercial Space, Office Design, Space Planning

At some point, every business owner has to consider new office space for their company. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space, are moving in a different direction and need something different, or are a startup that wants to display a more professional presence, new office spaces are just part of the typical business lifecycle.  But just because moving into a new space is normal, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some thought. When you look for office space, you…

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Office interior design

Office Interior Design – Give Your Space a Face Lift

By Design, Office Design

Good office interior design incorporates a combination of functionality and aesthetics to inspire workers. When you design your office, it’s important to think about its utility first. But forgetting about the other elements can impact the productivity of your workforce.  The average full-time employee spends about 1,800 hours annually at work. According to one study, nearly half (46%) of professionals claim that their workspace heavily impacts their productivity. In other words, the interior design of your office can be a…

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Man increasing curb appeal by landscaping

Increase Your Business’s Curb Appeal

By Landscaping, Office Design, Space Planning

As a commercial business, one of your goals is likely to keep vacancies filled and your turnover rate as low as possible. What many property owners fail to realize is that both potential and current tenants are judging your property based on its exterior condition as well as its location, cost, and amenities.  If your building has zero curb appeal, tenants won’t want to sign or keep a lease for several reasons. They might wonder what you are neglecting inside…

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