How to Insulate Your Space

By Acoustic Ceilings, Commercial Space, Insulation

Insulation is a wonderful thing.  It can help keep what you don’t want out, and what you do want in.  Insulation is a barrier that inhibits the transfer of different things.  So the question is, what are you trying to keep in and keep out?  When you hear about insulation you often first think about the pink fiberglass insulation found in most homes.  This type of insulation is to help keep heat transfer from happening in your home, so it…

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how to install insulation

5 Techniques on How to Install Insulation

By Drywall, Installation, Insulation

Have you noticed your electric bill slowly but steadily going up? Maybe your house is a little on the older side? Then there are 2 things that you need to look into to help retain not only your money for your heated or cooled air. First is to look into your windows. Make sure they are still fitting correctly as well as how old they are. The other is checking your insulation. It may have settled unevenly or just needs…

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10 Green Construction Ideas

10 Green Construction Ideas

By Construction, Green Construction, Insulation, Painting, Space Planning

Whether to help protect the environment or to simply lower energy costs, more and more people are seeking green alternatives to conventional construction methods. But many people get lost in the politics, construction terminology, and scientific jargon of environmentally-friendly building. Simply put, green construction encompasses everything from the siting and designing of a building to a building’s demolition, with the goal of increasing the efficient use of resources, reducing waste byproducts, and creating a healthier space for a building’s occupants….

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Construction Solutions

Construction Solutions for your Residential and Commercial Properties

By Acoustic Ceilings, Construction, Insulation

Being a home or business owner entails a huge set of concerns about the integrity of your building. Some property owners find themselves limited or financially burdened by their building’s faulty construction and poorly planned space. Fortunately, most problems can be remedied by an experienced and capable construction and design team. To help address your property issues, we at Carolina Services have composed this list of common residential and commercial property problems and their construction solutions. Problem: High Energy Bill…

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