What to Expect with a Commercial Drywall Installation – Commercial Construction

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Drywall is one of the most popular wall choices in the commercial industry. And many people have had the opportunity to do some DIY projects with in-home drywall installation. However, when it comes to commercial drywall installation, hiring a professional is oftentimes the best route. When hiring a company to do your installation, you should expect the following. Uniformity Commercial drywall that is properly installed will be uniform. You won’t see cracks or fissures in the wall, and there won’t…

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Sheetrock Installation

Learn How to Install Sheetrock

By Drywall

Have you ever wondered how to install sheetrock?  Maybe you’ve had some rambunctious teenagers that slipped running down the hall and managed to put a pretty large hole in yours.  Or maybe you’ve taken on a remodel project and just have to put the finishing touches on.  Whether you are already in over your head, or you are just doing your research to see how hard it would be to tackle the next item on the home improvement list yourself,…

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how to install insulation

5 Techniques on How to Install Insulation

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Have you noticed your electric bill slowly but steadily going up? Maybe your house is a little on the older side? Then there are 2 things that you need to look into to help retain not only your money for your heated or cooled air. First is to look into your windows. Make sure they are still fitting correctly as well as how old they are. The other is checking your insulation. It may have settled unevenly or just needs…

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What is Cement Board and How is it Used?

What is Cement Board and How is it Used?

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The ins and outs of construction may be confusing to the layman, but when your business is having a new office or store constructed, you may find yourself wishing for better understanding of all the processes taking place. To help illuminate some of the construction process, we at Carolina Services Inc present this simple guide to cement board and how and why it is important. What is Cement Board? Cement boards are sheets made of cement and fibers containing cellulose….

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How to Install Drywall - Avoid these Common Mistakes

How to Install Drywall – Avoid these Common Mistakes

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Although it may seem daunting to the beginner, installing drywall is a relatively straightforward task. To help clarify, we at Carolina Services Inc. have compiled a brief How-To, as well as a list of ways to avoid common mistakes. How to Install Drywall Most interior walls will be completed using panels that are a  ½ inch thick, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long. However, you should check your local building code, as some areas require thicker drywall for rooms…

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