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Construction Boom Overwhelms Planning Agencies

By commercial construction, Construction

The Charleston area is experiencing a construction boom across the tri-county area, with construction cranes and bulldozers being seen all over the Lowcountry.  New commercial, industrial, and residential buildings are being built in downtown Charleston, across the river in Mount Pleasant, and up the Interstate 26 corridor from North Charleston past the Summerville area.  The growth in building construction has led to a huge increase in workload for city planners. Municipal planning offices across the Lowcountry are reporting historically high…

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Growth in Suburbs Outpaces Urban Areas

Suburban Growth Outpaces Urban Areas

By Construction

The latest U.S. Census Data show that as the overall U. S. population grows,  growth in suburban counties have held steady, while in urban counties have slowed down. An analysis of U.S. Census data by Jed Kolko, an economist at University of California’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation, shows that the population growth in higher density suburban counties outpaced urban counties since 2012. Of the top cities with populations over 250,000, including Austin, and Fort Worth, Texas and Charlotte, North…

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business recruitment

SC Business Recruitment Leads to New Projects and Job Creation

By Construction, Economic Growth

South Carolina’s economy remains strong with solid business recruitment in 2015, according to a report released by the SC Commerce Department (S.C. Department of Commerce The state yielded $4.21 billion in capital investments, and won 150 economic development projects, and 17,280 jobs by new and expanding businesses. South Carolina is a manufacturing stronghold, with 56 percent of jobs or 9,680 jobs coming from the manufacturing sector. The sector accounted for 86 percent of total capital investments, yielding 3.6 billion…

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sc economy

Construction Industry Helps SC Economy

By Construction, Economic Growth

Charleston’s Post and Courier reports that economists from The University of South Carolina are claiming that the Palmetto State is officially out of the economic recession. USC economists Doug Woodward and Joseph Von Nessen told The Post and Courier that the SC economy has largely benefitted from its emphasis on manufacturing. They point out that manufacturing has been a strong suit for South Carolina over many decades but that another industry stepped up in 2015 to bring the state out of the recession. Construction…

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acoustical ceiling

Why Choose an Acoustical Ceiling? – Commercial Construction

By Acoustic Ceilings, Construction

  There are a plethora of ceiling options for office spaces, and one of the most popular ones is the acoustical ceiling. Acoustical ceilings are popular because they can significantly reduce noise in an office space. In spaces with open floor plans or cubicle work spaces, noise reduction is often a top priority. But this is not the only reason companies choose acoustical ceilings when talking with commercial construction companies. Acoustical ceilings are also a popular commercial construction choice due to…

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What to Expect with a Commercial Drywall Installation – Commercial Construction

By commercial construction, Construction, Drywall

Drywall is one of the most popular wall choices in the commercial industry. And many people have had the opportunity to do some DIY projects with in-home drywall installation. However, when it comes to commercial drywall installation, hiring a professional is oftentimes the best route. When hiring a company to do your installation, you should expect the following. Uniformity Commercial drywall that is properly installed will be uniform. You won’t see cracks or fissures in the wall, and there won’t…

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Charleston, SC Economic Growth

Charleston, SC Economic Growth Brings Need for Increased Commercial Construction

By Commercial Space, Construction, Economic Growth, Space Planning

Charleston, SC has long been a city that has attracted new residents, but recently it has been growing at a much faster rate, and experts predict that this growth is only going to increase. The New York Times referred to Charleston in this season as “enjoying a robust economy and one of the most transformative regional population booms since the Civil War.” And the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce is also predicting a very positive economic turn for the area,…

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drop ceiling

Tips for Installing a Drop Ceiling

By Construction, Installation

  Installing a drop ceiling can be a big task but there are many advantages to having a drop ceiling. There are major advantages to having a drop ceiling and can have a big impact on your property and work space. Pipes, cables, ducts and any other materials in the ceiling can be covered up easily with a drop ceiling and still be accessible. Also, by installing a drop ceiling, it can make it better for sound reduction. If you…

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commerical remodeling

Best Commercial Remodeling Contractors

By Commercial Space, Construction, Prepping, Space Planning

Choosing the best commercial remodeling contractor is a big decision.  Unfortunately it isn’t something you can just ask for advice, read a few reviews and be sure of your decision.  Each commercial remodeling project can vary widely on scope, budget, quality of work and what your needs are.  Some commercial contractors may be excellent at keeping the price down and may come highly recommended but the compromises they make to keep costs low may not be appropriate for your line…

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commercial construction

Get your Commercial Construction Project Started

By Commercial Space, Construction

One of the hardest parts of any project is getting started.  Ground breaking ceremonies can be so exciting because they are not only celebrating what is coming, but what has already happened.  Before you are ready to break ground on your project, whether it is new commercial construction, a renovation or an addition, there is a lot of work to be done. Before you can break ground, you have to start with understanding what your goals are in your construction. …

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